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ValueTheMarkets is a website setup primarily for retail investors. We recognized that investing in the stock market arena can be quite daunting for the novice investor and so we took it upon ourselves to provide a website that can deliver regular news on macro and micro economic topics. The macro side of things involves looking at the wider markets and the various factors effecting the markets as a whole, whilst the micro side looks at individual companies we think have value.

For a retail investor, visiting various websites looking for information can be overwhelming and you can often get bombarded with too much information to the point where you cannot see what is important and what is not. At ValueTheMarkets we try to have a simple layout with only the important issues being conveyed. We try to update our followers regarding economic data releases that can turn markets within minutes, whilst also providing some articles on companies we feel may be a good investment.

The daily market update details the important issues that are going on Worldwide and what the markets are looking at for guidance whether or not they should be invested. We provide the economic data calender so that you can easily keep up-to-date on the releases live as they hit the market. Why is the market up? Why is the market down? We hopefully can provide you with an explanation.

Following on from the wider market issues, we look at specific companies and we try to provide our followers with possible investments which have value and potential. Instead of looking at what is widely seen across many websites of promoting specific stories and hype, we look at various aspects including what a company has on its balance sheet or what a company’s earnings and forecasted earnings are, and then try to gauge if the markets value the stock correctly. These facts and figures help to show the value in a company and whether or not it is worth researching further or in fact investing in. We here at ValueTheMarkets understand the importance of investors managing their own money in line with achievable expectations.

ValueTheMarkets have a balanced understanding of the markets from working within the industry by holding a technical and fundamental outlook. We do our best to provide you with the daily tools you need to find success and we will continue to improve the website to best serve your needs.

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