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DLC Audio – SRES

During my chat post interview with Patrick he commented:

”What’s particularly significant about the recent sampling results is that wherever we can get access to sample in the old workings we are getting high silver values from the main vein system – averaging 11.3 ounces/ton in 11 samples with 7 of these assaying over 10 ounces/ton silver. Bear in mind that in these old workings the old time miners usually cherry-picked the higher grades and so left only the lower grade material for us to sample. The unworked veins below the old workings therefore present a very exciting target…..and at the Bay State Mine the old workings are shallow with no mining reported below 60 metres from the floor of the canyon.

What was unexpected so early in our programme was that we would find other styles of mineralisation with high silver values that were not exploited by the old timers. In our first campaign of sampling we found an outcrop of “breccia” that assayed over 26 ounces/ton of silver. We don’t know how much of this material there might be yet as it is surrounded by scree but it highlights the potential for new discoveries.”

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