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10 Dec 2014 | by: Patricia Miller

The company has been making some real noise in the city amongst the small cap sector. MRS are not a new concept business model coming to aim to tap its pockets. MRS was formed in 2007 and born by demand within the natural resource, energy & mining sector. The company has a novel strategy of working within the engineering arena, working on a contract to contract basis strengthening industry infrastructure, civil developments along with a decent revenue / growth plan.

  • The company has grown year on year (approx doubling each year)
  • Strong focus on engineering, fixing skids, platforms within the resource industry
  • Steady news flow base, helping stimulate an active momentum within its peer group and space
  • Strong management team with a keen eye on governance, sharing directors with Xcite Energy, Falkland oil & gas, etc.
  • Sensible pricing leading to a strong demand

I believe the concept is demonstrated as a PLC in reflection of the performance over the previous 7 years one would expect Management Resource Solutions to hit the ground running, Paul Morffew appears a relaxed yet competent individual.

Worth watching its launch!


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