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MX Oil Plc – Interview with Chairman

20 Jan 2015 | by: James Moore

Today I caught up with Andrew Frangos, as ever Andrew was happy to update us on what has been happening since our last chat. Needless to say the oil price has been the enemy of many small capers however this unimaginable drop in the price of oil could well be the best bargaining tool MX Oil could have hoped for as they now look to secure assets in a field where they’re even more competitive.

The CEO and Chairman are both out in-country this week, which gives a decent guide to board activity, with much speculation of will they or won’t they, the share value has come off somewhat suggesting much of the known (today) negatives are priced in. I look forward to hearing more of Andrew’s visit to Mexico on his return.

  • Onshore Assets in Mexico have become a key focus
  • Team in Mexico through JV partners GEO are actively reviewing opportunities
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