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MX Oil – Interview with Stefan Olivier

Today we caught up with 2014’s P.I favourite MX Oil, needless to say pinning Stefan Olivier down has been no mean feat however actions speak louder than words and there is no doubt that he’s committed to the future of MX Oil judging from his busy diary in/out of Mexico. During the chat we discussed the stages and progress being made, operating in the junior resource space is currently tough which I’m sure MX Oil appreciate. Yet one common theme that flags up whenever I speak with MX Oil is they rarely complain or make excuses, instead preferring to apply a sleeves rolled up approach.

  • Bidding rounds and pre-qualification
  • Oil Price effects on circumnavigating the markets
  • Identifying opportunities that could be significant for shareholders
  • Replicating proven success practices with Pat and Sergio

I’m aware that investors wanted me to try and push as hard as possible (within reason) needless to say the CEO came back with as much as possible.

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