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Sefton Resources Inc

Today I caught up with newly appointed interim executive chairman Daniel Levi or better known as the infamous Brokermandan.

The recent chain of events has certainly surprised and caused a stir as Dan rides alongside fellow white nights Jim Mellon and more recently announced (today) Clem Chambers. Neither are strangers to big business which really has left the retail worlds tails wagging. Whilst excitement naturally starts to surface we now suggest running the rule over the quality of the cloth that Sefton cuts it’s future assets from. Hefty dilution can add additional worry or concern however BMD fires on all cylinders in his most recent interview here at

  • Future strategy for Sefton and its shareholders after the legacy of fleecing UK investors.
  • Open and honest appraisal of the company’s legacy issues coupled to the cure of the toxic regime
  • £900,000 placing at a 10% premium to the initial rescue package, VTM can exclusively inform you that a proportional uptake went direct to the markets maker thus an encouraging point towards liquidity.

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