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Red Rock Resources plc – DLC

Today I caught up with Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources, my initial findings (at 0.08p) have been positive regardless of the company’s share price following many peers into what resonate’s  with ”the black hole of Calcutta”. However all is not lost within the junior mining space as global resource counters identify the lack of new entry into the commodity sectors, Thus echoing the call to rely on the simple principle of ”supply & demand”. As a result intellectual commentators now argue that junior resource markets look to be bottoming, leaving opportunism as an investment method  just as important as the fundamental one.

Due to sheer demand I felt obliged to open communications with Andrew which you can find below.

  • Current update from Columbia
  • Thoughts on the recent equity issue
  • Visibility and explanation for recent liquidity uplift
  • General financial housekeeping and streamlining

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