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CEB Resources Interview

Doc Chats To Dave Whitby Of CEB Resources

Today I had a chat with David Whitby CEO of CEB Resources prior to his London visit on the week of the 14th September, We chatted about this mornings release whilst discussing the day to day activities out in Indonesia. The importance of relationships in country but more so the importance of his crew enjoying what they do, I find the relaxed nature of Whitby as something of a soothing presence in a volatile industry.

  • No prejudice on Oil or Gas, It’s about attracting high yield deals for shareholders
  • A strong in-country presence supported by a wealth of experience
  • A Plethora of opportunity within a low uplift cost environment
  • Decent fiscal terms on the gas ( conversion to electricity ) high demand
  • London trip is to visit investors, not to raise equity


(To caveat what I say, some of the above is my opinion based on communications and carefully thought out reasoning. I intend to be at the London meeting and would look forward to meeting investors regardless of being a CEB Resources shareholder or not. )

See you there.


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