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Doc Holiday interviews John McAfee about the wild potential of Blockchain Tech

John McAfee is best known for founding and creating the global antivirus brand McAfee, which was sold to Intel in 2011. McAfee antivirus became Intel security leaving a legacy many would never forget. John McAfee has been at the centre of a number of controversial situations, both in the U.S and in Belize. In 2016 he ran as a Libertarian activist in the presidential race losing to Gary Johnson. McAfee is now very much focussed on the potential of Blockchain Technology, as he discusses in detail in this interview with Doc Holiday.

After lobbying by friends to read Satoshi’s white paper on the Blockchain, Mr. McAfee became an advocate of this burgeoning technology. As a Bitcoin miner, having joined MGT, McAfee claimed he would grow its exposure and expert understanding of this company in the future.  As McAfee eloquently put it, ‘if Bitcoin doesn’t go to $500,000 in 3 years he “would eat his own dick ” (source: TV report July 2017).

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