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Watershed moment for pioneering Juva Life as licensed cultivation kicks off

25 Jan 2021 | by: Mark Sheridan


First “Plants In The Ground” Mark The Beginning Of An Exciting Future

Back in 2016, Doug Chloupek’s work in co-founding BAS Research led to it being granted the first ever license for the manufacture and research of medical cannabis in California.

Five years later, the industry visionary is breaking new ground once again with his new company, Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF).

But this time, smart investors have the chance to get in early, before the huge potential of this venture is fully realized.

Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) has just been granted a state license for the cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis at its newly renovated, state of the art 30,000 sq ft facility in Stockton, California.

And with plants soon going into the ground, the path to potentially staggering revenues is well and truly clear.

But here’s the thing…

The huge opportunity on the retail side isn’t even the most exciting part of this story.

In fact, it’s not even where most of Juva Life’s (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) value will come from.

Sure, the new Stockton facility—which has the capacity to produce around 6,000 pounds of high-quality cannabis flower annually—will provide a steady and reliable revenue stream…

But in truth, this is only one part of a much bigger plan.

With Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF), Chloupek has taken over a decade of insight and experience to create a company that doesn’t just cultivate cannabis…

It manufactures, distributes, delivers and sells it too.

You’re looking here at a fully vertically integrated cannabis company.

But you’re also looking at a company poised to revolutionize the medical marijuana market…

Put simply, Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) is a cannabis company for the future.


Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) has been set-up in this vertically integrated way for a very specific reason.

Together with a best-of-breed team, Chloupek aims to solve one of the biggest problems faced by the medical cannabis industry.

Which problem?

Evidence. Or rather, the distinct lack of it.

Bottom line is, while many of the historical barriers to medical cannabis use are being broken down and more and more people are starting to seek it out as a real alternative to pharmaceutical drugs…

The fact remains that very little is still known about why cannabis works. Despite knowing that cannabis works, this anecdotal data has not been broken down to reproducible evidence that is customary for doctors, patients and regulators.

Chloupek saw that one of the biggest challenges to improving our understanding of cannabis is in the time it takes to carry out research.

You see, the current standards for pharmaceutical research are put in place largely by worldwide regulatory agencies for good reason – to protect patients and ensure a safety and effective supply of medicines.

But this comes at a cost – time and money.

It is for this reason that many in the cannabis marketplace shy away from doing the hard work required to meet these standards – but not Chloupek and Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF).

In fact totally the opposite.

Chloupek has devised a revolutionary new business model.

By coupling translational learning and a vertically integrated cannabis business with pharma discovery and development tools, and availing themselves of the inherent safety and current regulatory structure, Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) generates revenue, learns, and self-funds its proprietary R&D which is the basis of its value creation.

And it does so at a fraction of the cost of its competitors and pharmaceutical counterparts.

You see, the vast majority of cannabis research is done through the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). It’s the standard pharmaceutical route, but it costs millions, takes many years, and is often stalled for long periods because of red tape.

In short, all this means Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) can accelerate its understanding of why certain cannabis compounds work to develop important new medicines targeting inflammation and aging.


The precision cannabis opportunity


Juva Life’s (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) aim is to develop an integrated R&D platform targeting the development of anti-inflammatory evidenced based cannabis products.

Given the need for small molecule anti-inflammatory products the opportunity is significant.

Given that Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) can develop products at a fraction of the time, cost and risk of its competitors, this makes the company an attractive growth opportunity.

The goal is to understand a person’ unique need and match the right product for the right problem.

In drug development this is called personalized or precision medicine.

It is state of the art.

Despite the investment in these tools and infrastructure, the cannabis industry has not availed itself of these best practices – until Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) came along.

The company has figured out how to cherry pick tools from modern learning and technology strategies and combine them with applicable biotechnology practices to accelerate learning.

It can do this at reduced cost and risk – overcoming what is called Eroom’s Law.

When coupled to a vertically integrated manufacturing, retail and commercialization enterprise, Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) reduces its requirements for outside capital, thereby reducing investor and R&D risk.

Bottom line is, by structuring Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) in such a vertically integrated way, Chloupek has created a cannabis company that is truly fit for the future.

It’s a company perfectly positioned to unlock the true potential of medical cannabis at a time when traditional health systems are challenged and new medicines needed.

Demand for natural therapeutics has never been higher.


With cultivation underway…

With research already unlocking new secrets…

And with a team of world-leading scientists and proven experts in the cannabis business leading from the front…

Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) not only offers an attractive proposition for smart investors looking to get in now while the company is still flying under the radar of the mainstream…

It also presents a very attractive proposition for Big Pharma too.

As Chloupek points out:


While the science might be complex, the investment decision is not.

With the medical cannabis market only expected to go one way right now, and with Juva Life (CSE:JUVA | OTCQB:JUVAF) so focused on industry domination…

This is a cannabis play like no other.




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