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Revolutionary Green Technologies Solving Today’s Most Critical Environmental Concerns

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc | Listed on: CSE:ACT.CN | OTC:ACTHF | FSE:FSE:9D50

Aduro Clean Technologies has discovered a brand-new process known as HydrochemolyticTM technology that stands to revolutionize the way we recycle and make use of waste plastics, bitumen, and renewable oils. Now, with the company on the verge of unveiling the full potential of its platform outside of the lab, a whole new growth phase is about to begin.

Why You Should Consider Investing

  • Ground-breaking new technologies disrupting three enormous markets

    The HydrochemolyticTM technologies Aduro Clean Technologies has developed stand to revolutionize the way we recycle and make use of waste plastics, bitumen, and renewables—all multi-billion-dollar sectors.

  • Greener and more profitable alternatives to today’s upcycling solutions

    HydrochemolyticTM technologies require far less heat and hydrogen than industry equivalents and demand far less up-front investment, treatment, and refining.

  • Highly versatile technologies that are cost-effective at any scale

    The platform Aduro Clean Technologies has developed overcomes the key constraints of tody’s plastic waste upcycling methods, which dictate a tight choice of operations and scale and restrict entry for small firms.

  • Extremely experienced leadership team with plenty of “skin in the game”

    Aduro Clean Technologies’ management will receive around 60% of their remuneration upon the success of HydrochemolyticTM technology, highlighting their faith in its potential.

  • Enormous runway for growth

    When compared to similar companies operating in the clean energy space, Aduro Clean Technologies looks to be significantly undervalued given its vast financial upside.

  • Perfect time to invest

    HydrochemolyticTM technologies are only now coming out of the lab and beginning to be revealed to the market, making now the ideal time to get in early on this massive prospect.

All these points underline a unique opportunity to back a firm poised to generate vast returns while supporting the environment on the ground floor. Access our full report to learn more.

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What You Need To Know: Modernizing The Way We Recycle Plastics and Upgrade Petroleum


The world faces a major problem when it comes to recycling plastics and upgrading petroleum.

You see, breaking down and repurposing these materials, many of which continue to plague our landfills and oceans, is currently extremely difficult.

It all comes down to the fact that they consist of very large and robust macromolecules. This means that, while they are versatile and easy to produce at a relatively low cost, their natural decomposition can take hundreds of years.

The prevailing solution has long been to accelerate the breakdown of such macromolecules with well-established variants of a chemical process known as thermolysis.

However, because the plants needed for these processes are so expensive to build and run, and so complicated to operate…

They are typically only economically viable on a very large scale beyond the financial resources of smaller companies. Likewise, they can often only be based in very specific locations, such as next to a landfill in the case of plastic recycling.

And that’s not even to mention the fact that they usually require enormous amounts of energy and unsustainable-sourced materials like hydrogen.

Thankfully, Aduro Clean Technologies has a solution.

Indeed, this company addresses and overcomes all of these existing issues with the Hydrochemolytic™ technology it has developed.

In broad terms, it’s a platform based around a simple chemical conversion process that uses water and small amounts of sustainable matter derived from biomass to selectively break apart the chemical bonds holding macromolecules together in a much lower heat environment than any alternatives.

And, as a result, it can transform materials like plastics and petroleum into high-value, new-era resources in a way that is more cost- and energy-efficient, scalable, and versatile than any alternatives.

Most excitingly, this positions Aduro Clean Technologies to massively disrupt not one, not two, but three enormous markets with a combined value of many billions of dollars...

Access our full report to learn more about exactly how Aduro Clean Technologies is bringing much needed innovation to the world of recycling and upgrading


What You Need To Know: Breaking Out of The Lab and Pushing Forward With Growth


The first market where Aduro Clean Technologies is applying HydrochemolyticTM technology is plastics processing.

Here, the platform takes the large, stubborn, and low-value macromolecules in plastic waste and chemically deconstructs them into smaller, higher-value ones. These can then be upcycled into a range of products from commodity chemicals and hydrocarbon fuels to input materials for new plastics.

Critically, it does so in a simpler, more efficient, and higher-yielding way than alternatives. And, perhaps most excitingly—it can all take place before plastic even reaches the landfill, helping massively to promote the circular economy society is increasingly working toward.

The second area the firm is focusing on is the market for upgrading heavy oil into a lighter crude.

Here, HydrochemolyticTM technology works in a similar way as before. However, instead of waste plastics, it breaks down the asphaltenes that make heavy oils extremely dense and thick to create lighter, higher-value oils that can be transported to refineries via pipeline.

Finally, the third sector Aduro Clean Technologies’ is pursuing is the one for upgrading renewable oils into renewable fuels and specialty chemicals.

And, once again, where alternative technologies rely on externally-sourced hydrogen gas, HydrochemolyticTM technology can take place using the low-value glycerol that is already present in renewable oils. This results in a process that it not only much simpler and cheaper, but also far more environmentally friendly.

The bottom line is, these three markets are collectively worth many billions of dollars a year, and HydrochemolyticTM Technology is poised to blow away the prevailing upcycling solutions in each.

It’s no wonder Aduro Clean Technologies’ management team has been willing to accept around 60% of their remuneration based on the success of the technology they have developed.

Today, with the firm on the verge of breaking out of the lab and showing the world exactly what its technology can do, smart investors have an excellent opportunity to join them on the ground floor.


Company Info

Aduro Clean Technologies has been working to address some of the pressing environmental issues faced by the global community today. One is the matter of unlocking value from waste plastics that pollute our lands and waterways.

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Aduro Clean Technologies is an investment opportunity not to be missed.

Access our full report to find out more about the technology it has developed and its exciting potential in several multi-billion-dollar markets.



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