Major Agreement Could Deliver Rapid COVID Testing to Millions

By Jason Eckerman


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Helping Stop The Spread

Major news recently has been all about vaccines, but this new development could be even more exciting in the fight against COVID-19.

A recent breakthrough could soon help stop the spread and help open the world again quickly and safely.

While vaccines will surely help protect people from the virus, we’re still missing an essential piece of the picture.

That’s where Relay Medical Corp and their partner, Fio Corp, come in. Together they’ve launched the Fionet Pandemic Testing Platform which is now screening passengers for COVID-19 at Canada’s largest international airport.

Relay, a technology company helping to develop the next generation of HealthTech, holds 4 innovative breakthroughs in their portfolio.

And as a key part of that portfolio, they’re excited to bring the new Fionet technology to market in the fight to stop COVID-19.

But a recent announcement could help make that happen even faster with a ringing endorsement from a major partner.

It could help them deploy their revolutionary technology to millions – or even tens of millions – of people over the next year.

As we work to stop COVID-19 and open the world again, rapid testing is an essential piece.

That’s because even with vaccines finally becoming available to the public, new variants of the virus have continued to pop up around the world, which requires the need for continuous testing.

Once we’re able to determine whether someone is infected with the virus in real time,it will make the public confident enough to finally start traveling, eating out, going to events, and living life as normal again.

Until now, most testing has either been flawed or it’s been slow, causing people to wait on test results for days or weeks.

But Fionet has the answer. It’s a platform delivering everything you need to get fast, accurate results within minutes.

This is perfect for major venues like airports, sports arenas, and event centers…

And it could even be used in schools and businesses to bring everyone safely into the classrooms and offices again.

But while many have grown used to believing that hope will still be months and months away in the age of COVID, Fionet is already here, and it’s been used with incredible success for other infectious disease around the world, including Ebola, malaria and HIV.

That’s why their recent announcement in bringing this to the fight against COVID-19 is so exciting.

They just announced that they are rolling out Fionet to be used at the Toronto Pearson Airport, the largest airport in Canada.

Over 50 million people passed through the airport in 2019. And now, Fionet will be able to support rapid testing to ensure both safety of their employees and their passengers.

With this agreement in place, this breakthrough technology could be used for testing millions of people in just the next year alone.

That’s because Toronto Pearson is the largest of only four international airports in the country.

And with new regulations stating that all air passengers coming into Canada need confirmation of negative test results, this will provide testing for countless passengers as they finally start traveling to enjoy vacations or see family again.

Plus, with the CDC now recommending all passengers coming into the United States be required to do the same, it will also provide testing for those flying out of Toronto Pearson to the U.S.

All told, that means Fionet could be used to test millions of passengers over the next year alone.

And it will give rapid results on-site, giving the confidence for people to start getting back to normal again.

The Fionet platform provides everything needed to provide fast, accurate test results, including:

  • Fast and easy scheduling

  • Test results returned in as little as 15 minutes

  • Data sent securely to the cloud to integrate with healthcare systems

  • Alerting healthcare workers, in order to begin isolation protocols or deploy resources if positive cases are found

Fio Corp has already partnered with some of the leading health organizations in the world in using Fionet for other infectious diseases.

They’ve partnered with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the CDC, the Department of Defense (DoD), DARPA, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Organization…

And they’ve used Fionet to test and monitor the spread for such deadly diseases as malaria, HIV, Ebola, and dengue fever.

This could be a game-changer for allowing people to get back to daily life again.

But this isn’t the only exciting HealthTech breakthrough Relay has their hand in.

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More Breakthroughs Across North America


Relay has several product lines in the connected device space, including one new acquisition, Cybeats.

Cybeats is a leading-edge IoT and connected device security company, and this is set to be the perfect addition to Relay’s product Line given the rapid growth of Fionet and upcoming launches of other products in the IoT space.

This breakthrough technology helps companies spot security gaps in their devices and their software supply chain.

Because of its unique inside-to-out approach, it helps identify security issues in real-time and allows you to respond to the problem without any downtime.

This will be an incredible boost to support Fionet and other IoT technologies as the growth of connected devices continue to rapidly accelerate across North America and beyond…

But it could also provide Relay with more opportunities to deploy this technology to other connected devices as this trend continues to grow.

After 2 years of development Relay’s Glow LifeTech asset has gone public, bringing the next generation of natural health solutions to the global marketplace.

They have a groundbreaking drug delivery technology (MyCell Technology) that makes natural active compounds even more effective.

It does this by using only plant-based ingredients, so it doesn’t provide the bitter, chemical tastes you experience when using competing technologies.

They are launching a broad product line of natural products, both cannabis-based (THC, CBD, hemp, and other cannabinoids) and nutraceuticals (like botanicals and vitamins).

They’ve already applied this technology to hundreds of different compounds, while many of their competitors are only applicable one or two.

That means they’ve already proven their technology works to produce highly-effective, science backed products for a wide variety of different applications.

And the timing couldn’t be better, as this industry has been all over the news thanks to a $7.2 billion acquisition in the cannabinoid markets.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals recently announced they planned to acquire GW Pharmaceuticals due to the success of their cannabidiol (CBD) treatment, Epidiolex, for a massive $7.2 billion.

This has helped open the door for other natural solutions to diseases and conditions affecting millions.

And for others like Relay getting into this booming industry, it could be incredibly lucrative for shareholders while also helping those in need.

Glow LifeTech recently listed on the CSE with the Exclusive North American rights to sell, distribute, and market the innovative oral spray, ArtemiC, produced from natural ingredients.

And ArtemiC received incredible results from recent clinical trials, as it has clinically validated both safety and efficacy with COVID-19 patients.

In their recent Phase 2 trials, 100% of the participants using ArtemiC recovered fully from COVID-19 within just 15 days.

None of them required additional oxygen, ventilation, or intensive care.

That’s compared to the nearly 1 in 4 patients who didn’t take ArtemiC in this group and required more intervention.

With this oral spray, it’s both easy to administer and distribute compared to other treatments on the market.

Plus, it’s much more affordable at a cost of only around USD$100.

ArtemiC is just the first example of how Glow plans to use their MyCell Technology to produce effective, science backed compounds. But they have plans to use this in a variety of different applications in the future.

Relay has also developed what could be a life-changing solution to a USD$100 billion problem.

Patient non-compliance, or not following through on treatments as prescribed, is a major issue that often prevents those struggling from recovering from illness or managing ongoing conditions.

Studies have shown that a shocking 50% of all patients do not take their medication as prescribed.

Individuals have a difficult time managing their medications which results in avoidable hospital admissions, in 2014 nearly 1.3 million US citizens sought emergency room treatment for adverse drug effects and approximately 124,000 died.

And noncompliance can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Overly complicated treatment regimens (for example, being prescribed 5-10 different medications, all with different dosages and to be taken on different schedules)

  • Forgetfulness due to age-related cognitive decline or memory issues

  • Access to conflicting information on the internet, leading people to question whether they should continue with medication as prescribed

  • And many more

Relay’s technology, Pharmatrac, is a simple, easy-to-use device designed to increase compliance and help patients and doctors develop plans that work effectively.

The countertop device is made up of a detachable bowl to place the medication in, which is then placed on top of the base containing sensors and a camera.

After medication has been placed on the device, it’s then able to tell which medications have been taken and when through the day using machine vision, AI, and data science…

And if there are issues with taking the wrong medication or forgetting altogether, it can alert the patient’s healthcare team, pharmacist, and family members, so they can help devise a plan that’s a better fit.

The system can learn the patient’s behavior and provide actionable recommendations using AI. And it can even predict when patients are likely to forget taking their medications and have intervention strategies to help.

This could be revolutionary and help countless people to better coordinate with their healthcare workers to find the best solution for them.

And it could be extremely valuable for pharmaceutical and insurance companies to help them understand how people truly respond to different regimens.

Annual costs of non-adherence are estimated to be US$100-US$290 billion in the US, 1.25 billion euros in the Europe and A$7 billion in Australia.

The number of prescriptions has risen by approximately 85% since 1997 to an estimated 4.5 billion prescriptions a year in the United States and while seniors make up only 12% of the population, they account for over 30% of all over-the-counter medication use.

In 2018, the telemedicine market size was valued at $31.46 Billion USD globally, and it is expected to reach $108.08 Billion USD by 2025. This growth will be driven by advances in technology, demand for better healthcare in rural areas and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases.

Prescription drug expenditure in the United States in 2019 was estimated at over $360 Billion USD.

With all of Relay’s exciting investments combined, their holdings could be looking at revenue projections of C$270 million just for Fionet and Pharmatrac alone…

Now, with the news of Toronto Pearson Airport signing on to use Fionet to test potentially millions of passengers over the next year, this could be huge news for Relay.

And as this scales up in Canada’s busiest airport, this could open a world of opportunities at other airports and major venues in the months ahead.

Now, with Relay sitting at a market cap of just C$103 million at the moment, this could be the most exciting time to get in on this innovative HealthTech company.

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Author: Jason Eckerman

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