The HighBrid Lab blends complementary therapies amid rising investor interest

By Patricia Miller


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Creso Pharma is joining forces with long-established psychedelics business Red Light Holland Corp.

An alternative health stock with upside potential


Cannabinoid company Creso Pharma Limited is joining forces with long-established psychedelics business Red Light Holland Corp (CSE:TRIP | FRA:4YX | OTCPink:TRUFF) to become The HighBrid Lab.

This exciting new entity brings together the glorious combination of science, fun, and an avant-garde psilocybin revolution.

Creso Pharma is a CBD company developing cannabis, hemp-derived therapeutic, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle products.

While Red Light Holland produces, grows, and legally sells magic truffles to the recreational market in the Netherlands.

Positioning for a brighter future

With the pandemic tipping the world onto a knife-edge of depressive extremes, the search for a solution has never been so necessary.

And this path to future happiness may be strewn with magic mushrooms.

Psychedelics stimulate the brain, disrupting the negative ruminative thought patterns associated with depression.

Harnessing the power of nature’s finest and taking it to the masses could transform individual health, productivity, and even economies.

This is a chance to make a real difference.

But crossing the regulatory hurdles is paramount, and here’s where preparation is the key to success.

By building an all-encompassing business servicing all facets of the psychedelic and natural therapy arena, The HighBrid Lab is positioning for a brighter future.

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Forget a dark world filled with sickness, pain, and suffering. The HighBrid Lab envisions a colorful world filled with contented people and pets. A world where humans, free from internal and physical pain, work constructively and live together in harmony.

While this may seem fantastical, nature has given us the wonders of the imagination in the form of these unassuming plants and fungus.

Why not make it accessible for the people to discover, consume and enjoy for their own benefit?

Most investors will agree the possibilities are worth fighting for. And this is precisely the sort of future The HighBrid Lab wants to create.

What does Creso Pharma do?

Creso is licensed to treat medical conditions using cannabinoid therapeutics under the supervision of a physician. These cannabinoids include the compounds CBD (non-hallucinogenic) and THC (hallucinogenic).

It also manufactures and sells recreational products for people and pets, using CBD and low-THC-derived hemp.

CBD is an increasingly popular natural treatment for a wide range of ailments. Consumers report it helps reduce anxiety, chronic pain, and even epilepsy and arthritis.

More recently, Creso announced the targeted acquisition of Halucenex Life Sciences, an established psychedelics group. This exciting purchase brings Creso squarely into the booming psilocybin market.

Psychedelics are an emerging industry with tremendous consumer and scientific interest.

Unfortunately, they’re still illegal in many parts of the world, making for a challenging regulatory environment.

Why merge into The HighBrid Lab?

Creso Pharma is listed on The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and its strict regulatory code means the company can’t venture into selling THC or psychedelic products in the US.

So, an innovative solution to this challenge comes via the merger with Red Light Holland.

Bruce Linton, founder and former-CEO of Canopy Growth Corp (one of the world’s most successful cannabis companies), is a strategic advisor to Creso Pharma. And he’s very excited about the prospects this merger will bring.

Red Light Holland was established in 1982 and is based in Canada. Over 39 years, the company has developed a superior brand image.

And by coming together, Creso can now freely list on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE), allowing it legal access to the profitable US THC market.

But that’s not all. The HighBrid Lab will also provide global opportunities in the psychedelic market, backed by its scientific base in Switzerland.

Linton assures shareholders that the merger should act as a gateway to a much-improved market opportunity for cross-product promotion, scalability, and global domination.

Now, if anyone knows what they’re talking about when it comes to scaling an illicit industry and taking it mainstream, it’s Linton.

He founded Canopy Growth when the MJ scene was in its infancy and scaled it to today’s behemoth.

Everyone deserves to live their best life, free of pain, fear, and anxiety. Thanks to psychedelics and cannabinoids, this truth is a possibility.

A match made in heaven


Joining forces means cutting costs, merging the best brains in the business, and creating a holistic one-stop shop for an array of cannabinoid and global psychedelic offerings.

It’s a match made in heaven and a lucrative money-spinning showstopper.

Being the first to market gives The HighBrid Lab a significant advantage. By pursuing a complementary suite of recreational and medicinal cannabinoids and psychedelics, the company is positioning for much greater things.

And as a united front, the company will be free to take swift and decisive action in growing markets. This should lead to many more deals and revenue streams.

The HighBrid Lab could become a super-entity streamlining costs, enhancing revenue generation, cross-promotion, and combining the best that each entity has to offer.

They are ultimately harnessing a driving force of applied science, technology, and innovation to create a diverse stream of therapeutics for animals and humans.

Quarterly growth

And Creso Pharma’s recent quarterly results show that investors have a lot to look forward to.

Total Revenue for Q221 has come in at A$1.7 million.

This is its second quarter of consecutive growth and a 24% rise on Q121. Better still, Q221 displays a 451% rise on Q220. It has enjoyed both strong sales growth in Switzerland and Canada.

Creso Pharma has also seen a notable uptick in purchase orders from provinces across Canada. This highlights an increasing demand for Mernova Medical’s products throughout the country.

It’s also a highly scalable revenue model, which bodes well for unlocking shareholder value.

Given the regulatory hurdles, getting products through clinical trials will take time.

Nevertheless, the US is home to the world’s largest cannabis market, which is expected to be worth $53 billion by 2025.

By listing on the CSE, The HighBrid Lab can immediately begin selling here.

Therefore, generating income for shareholders will be far quicker than rival companies can hope to achieve.

Leading brands

It seems investors are missing the true potential of this combined entity. Indeed, this intense brand action will help the company vertically integrate across various hot sectors right now.

From Creso’s side, these brands include Mernova Medical, Ritual Green, Halucenex Life Sciences, Craft Cannabis, Creso Topicals, Creso Therapeutics, Creso Nutraceuticals, and Creso Animal Health.

By acquiring Halucenex, Creso Pharma plans to develop combination products exploring the magic of psilocybin fused with CBD and hemp extracts.

Creso also has its own cannabis farm in Halifax, a science lab in Switzerland, and phenomenal R&D dept.

Meanwhile, from Red Light Holland’s camp comes iMicrodose, SR Wholesale, Radi Motion, Mera Life Sciences, Happy Caps Mushroom Farm, Wisdom Truffle, and RLH Merch.

In addition, Red Light Holland has a farm and distribution company in the Netherlands.

Mera Life Sciences is currently a pending acquisition. But if this goes through, (and there’s no reason to think it won’t), it will allow The HighBrid Lab to work with all kinds of exciting hallucinogens, including ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin, and MDMA.

This will ensure the company stays far ahead of the game in revolutionizing molecule and compound drug discovery.

Altogether, it’s an incredibly exciting investing opportunity.

Big-name investors

Red Light Holland CEO Todd Shapiro is a Canadian media personality and podcaster.

And according to Shapiro, Bruce Linton is expected to come onto the board of directors.

Linton is a significant shareholder in Creso Pharma himself, and he’s not the only major player.

Earlier this year, Billionaire fund manager John Hancock made a significant investment in Creso Pharma too.

In addition, Halucenex CEO Bill Fleming is a strong advocate for regulatory approval and the acceptance of psychedelic compounds as an alternative treatment.

The combined management team believes they’re going to be much stronger together as The HighBrid Lab.

In effect, The HighBrid Lab wants to amplify the sales of the phenomenal suite of products Creso Pharma, and Red Light have already developed.

Consequently, the team hopes to bring untold riches to their loyal shareholders.

An early-stage growth opportunity

Cannabis reform is well underway, with many states now decriminalizing or fully legalizing the drug. Therefore, its benefits are widely documented through widespread use.

It’s believed that the pandemic lockdowns have led to many more people trying psychedelics as a way to cope. As word spreads of the beneficial effects, the calls for legalization will likely get louder.

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Particularly as mental illness is expected to cost the planet upwards of $16 trillion by 2030. So, anything that can lighten the load and bring in revenues should surely be welcomed.

There are already psychedelic studies underway in many of the world’s top academic institutions. This is the early stage of a potentially massive industry.

If psychedelics go the way of MJ and become legalized for medical or recreational use, the possibilities are endless.

In fact, widespread acceptance of psilocybin as a treatment for depression could potentially turn the antidepressant prescription drug market on its head.

It surely won’t be long before this small company becomes much more prominent with so much anticipation building in the space.

The beating heart of complementary therapies

The HighBrid Lab is a transformational merger bringing an exceptional investment opportunity to the masses.

Harnessing this early-stage growth sector is a powerful management team, a strong group of advisors, and several notable investors.

Furthermore, The HighBrid Lab is in a strong cash position.

All-in-all, The HighBrid Lab brings together a powerhouse of beloved brands creating the world’s first entirely complementary cannabis psychedelic company.

Don’t miss out on this incredible investment opportunity.


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