EXCLUSIVE REPORT: The rise of Esports amid an entertainment shift

By Kirsteen Mackay


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A seismic shift has been taking place in the world of entertainment with live streaming disturbing the sector as we know it. The popularity of live streaming is increasing globally, changing the face of communication, sports and business. Cinema may be in a death spiral, and home-working is now socially acceptable. Meanwhile, Esports and gaming are bucking this new trend with their rising popularity in 2020, in a movement that’s set to continue.

Within the gaming space new companies are making waves, while established companies are enjoying a bull run on valuations. This is driving investment into the sector and witnessing a monumental cash injection from several angles.

Image taken from Play Vs website

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Esports brings the competitive nature of traditional sports to the video game arena. Boosted and made possible by live streaming. Entire brands are being constructed around various aspects of the gaming industry, with variety coming in a spectrum of ingenious ideas; from focus-boosting chewing gum to designer gaming chairs, patented hoodies, and an assortment of must-have peripherals and fashion accessories.

Celebrities, from A-List to Z, are onboard, and many youngsters are finding fame and fortune within the sector. While it’s highly focussed on the youth of today, older sports fans and ex-competitors are finding themselves involved in helping train, encourage and simply enjoy the spectating experience. Charitable events are becoming commonplace, to both benefit from and boost awareness of the sector and its growing sea of brands. Meanwhile, money-spinning events are making gamers and their backers filthy rich.

Esports: Three Billion Players by 2023 – Image taken from Newzoo website

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As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the world, increasing the divide between winners and losers, the entertainment industry echoes this sentiment. Many companies involved in gaming are thriving this year. It’s not just the video game manufacturers. There’s a glut of new angles to making money from the sector, such as gambling on Esporting events. From Esports to gaming accessories, media giants to funds, our in-depth report covers the basics and much more.

Some of the companies covered in the report include:

  • Guild Esports
    Publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:GILD). Guild’s co-owner is none other than footballing legend David Beckham. Its business is centred around the rise of Esports, specifically coaching a youth team of gaming professionals to compete in online games. The games it’s kicking off with are Fortnite; CS:Go; Rocket League and FIFA. Esports is one part of the gaming landscape poised for rapid growth in the coming years.

  • Play VS
    Set up in 2017, this is a private company with a view to going public. It has founded the official scholastic high school and college Esports league. It now has around 20,000 high schools signed up, meaning it’s halfway to recruiting every state. It aligns with high schools and helps them organize and run their leagues throughout each semester.

  • Good Gamer Corp
    A Canadian company operating a popular gaming app in India. It combines fantasy sports with Egaming. Participants can take part in daily Fantasy Esports & Cricket Contests to win real cash. In mid-October, Goodgamer (Esports gaming app) secured $2.5m in seed funding to be spent on user acquisition.

  • G-Loot
    Another leading Esports platform, connecting gamers. It offers support for 20+ titles including Apex Legends, CS:GO, Rainbow 6 and Hearthstone. Players can play for fun or for prize pools. It’s owned by Swedish company Gumbler.

There are many facets to the gaming industry and knowing which areas to invest in can be confusing. Our FREE in-depth report can help you see the scope of potential investments available to you and identify hidden value as you go.

Will innovation reign supreme or is there plenty of room for everyone? This remains a relatively new space for investment, and the colossal sums of money to be made are increasingly tempting.

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Author: Kirsteen Mackay

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