EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Coinsilium’s entry into the extremely lucrative DeFi market (COIN)

By Patricia Miller


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DeFi, or Decentralised Finance, is the biggest trend in blockchain today.

DeFi, or Decentralised Finance, is the biggest trend in blockchain today.

It is a fast-growing use of the technology, which enables holders of digital assets to lend and borrow crypto coins or tokens.

This incredibly innovative form of finance is rapidly gaining momentum. Coin and token owners are now offering up many billions of dollars of their crypto assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as collateral for DeFi transactions.

The potential of this new market is enormous.

For the myriad of smaller token projects that exist out there, following the Crypto Boom in 2017/18, this represents a huge opportunity to reinvigorate what were otherwise failing models.

Since the overwhelming majority of these crypto currencies are derivatives of Bitcoin and Ethereum, plugging into the DeFi distributed architecture is relatively straightforward.

The pace of expansion is now staggering, with the DeFi market cap rising almost a billion dollars a day in value.

However, investor opportunities to profit from this great wave have so far been extremely limited, as you’d expect for something that is so new.

One London-listed firm is seeking to fill this gap, through the development of a pioneering business model and a strategy to set up substantial revenue generating DeFi projects: Coinsilium (AQSE:COIN).

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News flow is now coming thick and fast for Coinsilium, as this blockchain investor and venture operator seeks to capitalise on the rocketing growth in this space.

The Company believes there is now material upside potential in its stock, as Coinsilium expands on its established track record of partnering with ground-breaking crypto projects.

A key focus area will be the lucrative market of advising token projects on how to revive their offerings to incorporate DeFi.

On 17 August 2020, Coinsilium announced its first revenue generating service agreement on this front, with many more expected to follow.

This bold strategy represents a significant opportunity to create transformational value for Coinsilium and its shareholders, as a first mover in such an early-stage, high-growth market.

To read much more about Coinsilium’s transformational move into the ground-breaking DeFi market, click here to download our exclusive report.


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