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LOOPShare provides the first fully-integrated electric scooter sharing service in the world. Already operating in Beirut (Lebanon), LOOPShare’s plans to expand to other cities around the world are well underway. Our uniquely-shaped electric scooters are equipped with a Telematics digital dashboard (provided by wholly owned subsidiary, Saturna Green Systems) that turns them into smart scooters. Our subscribers, “the Loopers”​, can use the proprietary webapp on their smartphone to reserve a scooter and unlock it. After the ride, the user can park and leave the scooter at their convenience. The whole fleet of scooters is keyless and no motorcycle license is needed. We are providing a new, efficient, environmentally friendly, fun and easy way to move around the city.


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App Empowering Private Investors

Crowd Equity for Placings, IPOs and Live Market Blockbuilds, designed to give provate investors access to placements and Intial Public Offerings (IPOs), predominantly on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).