Bidstack to provide native in-game advertising to Codemasters GRID release (BIDS)

By Richard Mason


On Wednesday, video game advertising firm Bidstack Group (LSE:BIDS) announced it will be providing native in-game advertising for Codemasters’ forthcoming game, ‘GRID’. The game will be available on the PlayStation4 and Xbox One family of devices from 13 September 2019. This is the second Codemasters title Bidstack has been involved in following the DiRT Rally 2.0 game released in February.

Bidstack’s advertisements retain the look and feel of a game’s artwork, unobtrusively blending into the environment. The advert could be anything from a virtual billboard in an open-world game to a video banner by the edge of the pitch in a football match simulation.

Advertising can be targeted to individual users of a game based on demographics such as age, gender and location. Since listing on AIM in August last year Bidstack has tripled in value with a current Market Cap of £45m. Dynamic in-game advertising is a relatively new sector and the firm hopes to capitalise on its first mover advantage. Since listing the company has made several high-profile additions to its team boasting senior experience at companies like Disney, Sega, and Spotify.

Recently, the business has shifted its focus somewhat onto the growing video game streaming market. Notably, it has established an advisory committee that aims to harness the talents of a select group of high-profile executives across both the video gaming and digital advertising industries. Video game streaming is yet to hit the mainstream fully but the major firms are starting to roll out streaming services, and as with music and film, it’s likely the future of gaming delivery will be via streaming.

Google has also announced a cloud gaming service called Stadia which is capable of streaming video games in 4K resolution at on any connected device through the Chrome web browser. Meanwhile, Microsoft has revealed its foray into the sector with a cloud gaming product called ‘Project xCloud’, which is designed to stream high-quality, console, and PC-grade experiences to any screen.

James Draper, CEO of Bidstacksaid, “We are pleased to be able to disclose that we will be providing native in-game advertising within GRID, our second Codemasters title. As our relationship with Codemasters continues to grow, we are proud to give advertisers the opportunity to reach the true motorsport fan, via the trackside billboard space within this stunning game. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Codemasters, a AAA rated games developer, and we look forward to continuing our great work together.”


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