Biden-Harris Administration Takes Pause on LNG Exports

By Patricia Miller


Biden-Harris Administration's climate actions impact energy costs, job creation, market opportunities, and global markets - key considerations for retail investors.

A vast industrial complex with a massive LNG storage tank designed for holding liquified natural gas at low temperatures, showcasing modern energy infrastructure.
Biden-Harris Administration Pauses LNG Exports

What You Need To Know

The Biden-Harris Administration is pausing decisions on LNG exports to non-FTA countries in order to update analyses on energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and the impact of methane. The U.S. is already the top LNG exporter globally and will continue supplying allies.

The administration has signed the largest climate investment in history, reduced methane emissions, launched the American Climate Corps, advanced environmental justice, protected millions of acres of lands and waters, canceled oil and gas leases in Arctic areas, set ambitious targets for zero-emission vehicles, proposed carbon pollution standards for power plants, accelerated clean energy project permitting, rallied global climate ambition, and used emergency authority to increase clean energy technology production.

These initiatives aim to create jobs, attract private clean energy investments, meet climate goals, and ensure a clean energy future while addressing environmental concerns and protecting community health. The administration will continue to prioritize ambitious climate action and economic growth.

However, the LNG pause reflects a broader commitment to integrating environmental and social considerations into energy export decisions, which could lead to more stringent criteria for future LNG export approvals. This move is part of the Biden-Harris Administration's broader climate agenda, aiming for significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and advancing the transition to clean energy.

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Why This Is Important for Retail Investors

  1. Impact on Energy Costs: The temporary pause on LNG exports and the Biden-Harris Administration's climate agenda can have implications for energy costs, directly impacting retail investors. By updating analyses on energy costs, investors can gain a better understanding of potential price fluctuations and make informed decisions regarding their energy investments.

  2. Job Creation Opportunities: The ambitious climate agenda and investments in clean energy under the Biden-Harris Administration can lead to the creation of millions of good-paying jobs. For retail investors, this presents an opportunity to invest in companies and sectors that are driving job growth and have the potential for long-term profitability.

  3. Market Opportunities in Clean Energy: As the administration pushes for a clean energy future, retail investors can capitalize on market opportunities in the renewable energy sector. By keeping track of the administration's climate accomplishments, investors can identify potential areas of growth and allocate their investments accordingly.

  4. Environmental and Social Responsibility: The administration's focus on environmental justice, methane emissions reduction, and protection of lands and waters sends a strong message regarding social and environmental responsibility. Retail investors who prioritize these values can align their investment choices with the administration's efforts, supporting companies that adhere to sustainable practices.

  5. Influence on Global Markets: The Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to rallying global climate ambition and securing commitments from other countries can have far-reaching effects on global markets. Understanding these global dynamics is crucial for retail investors who seek to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of international investment opportunities. By staying informed about the administration's actions on the global stage, investors can make informed decisions to maximize their returns.

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