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Lush green hills with wind turbine and Hydrogen green renewable energy written in overlay.

European Hydrogen: Who Will Be Top of the Pile?

With Europe turning towards green hydrogen, companies like Jericho Energy Ventures, Linde, Air Liquide and Siemens are seeing a serious opportunity.

AI Chip illuminated on circuit board.

Top AI Stocks To Invest In

Discover the best AI stocks of the past, present, and future. As AI adoption spreads and scales in the coming years, are these the best AI stocks...

Intellectual Property and innovation concept showing Lightbulb with brain.

Jericho Secures New Patent Protection For Zero-Carbon Tech

Jericho Energy Ventures has announced a new patent win, giving the company stronger protection for its zero-emission boiler technology.

Intellectual Property icons and graphics.

The Power of Patent Protection in Advancing Tech Investment

With the rapid pace of innovation, patent protection becomes the linchpin of success. Intellectual property can safeguard ingenuity and propel...

AI Robotics business management smart robotic warehouse AI Generated Image.

What are the Best AI Investments?

Looking to invest in Artificial Intelligence? Discover the top AI companies, stocks, and investment strategies that can diversify your portfolio.

Mullen Automotive logo on hand held Digital Device.

Mullen Automotive (MULN) Stock Crashed. Should You Buy the Dip?

Mullen Automotive Inc is a favorite amongst EV investors, but is the stock worth a look at its current price?

geothermal energy pipes against dark cloud background.

Investing in Geothermal Energy Stocks

Geothermal energy is an alternative to wind and solar and offers stability and low emissions. What are the opportunities for retail investors?

Iridium Ir on the period table 77.

Iridium: The Rare Commodity Outperforming Bitcoin

Iridium is a rare and critical commodity in modern industry. Its price has soared in recent years and supply shortages suggest it is likely to...

A Land rover driving on a tarred road at night with established forest on each side.

Investing in Automakers: Jaguar Land Rover vs Tata Motors

As rumors of a Jaguar Land Rover IPO circulate, should investors be looking to jump in or stick with parent company Tata Motors?


David Beckham’s Investments: How to ‘Invest it Like Beckham’

David Beckham is a successful international soccer player, brand ambassador and alternative investor. Read on to discover how he makes money.

A square glass containing a whisky dram and ice.

Are Alcohol ETFs a Good Way to Invest?

There are many ways into alcohol investing, but among the most promising methods out there is an alcohol ETF (liquor/spirits exchange traded fund).

A Magnifying glass over a chart close up of an upward trajectory arrow intelligent investing.

Is ‘The Intelligent Investor’ Still Relevant?

Benjamin Graham's investing book is widely regarded as the investment bible, particularly for new investors. But is The Intelligent Investor still...

Three oil wells on land as the sun is setting.

A Guide to Different Types Of Wells Used By Oil & Gas Companies

There are several types of oil wells, including vertical, horizontal, and offshore wells. Read our guide to the different types of wells used by...

A Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) image with a bowl of popcorn between someone’s legs.

What is the Future of Streaming Services?

As competition for subscriber numbers heats up, streaming giants like Netflix (NFLX) and Disney (DIS) embrace new strategies. Here we consider the...

A Distant view of planet earth in the dark with a map of lights illustrating technological advancements.

Will Tech Stocks Recover?

Major tech stocks like Apple, Netflix, Meta Platforms, Alphabet, and Amazon remain below their share price all-time highs. Will tech stocks recover?

Electric Vehicle graphic overlaying road and horizon.

Is CENN Stock a Good Buy?

Cenntro Electric Group (NASDAQ: CENN) is an EV market stock building its portfolio. This review assesses CENN stock's performance and growth...

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