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The Investing Intel Podcast has been created with one mission: To inform investors about diverse sectors and topics, shining a light on investing ideas and opportunities for individual investors.


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Unlock your wealth potential with our expert investing ideas. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to pros. Invest smarter, not harder.

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Investing Ideas

Understanding Drug Development and Approval Process

New drugs and treatments have to undergo a long process of development, clinical trials and FDA approvals before they can start bringing in revenue...

Investing Ideas

An Introduction to Biopharma: A New Era in Medicine

Discover the cutting-edge world of biopharmaceuticals and how it's reshaping healthcare. From advanced therapies to life-changing drugs, explore...

Investing Ideas

Investing in Luxury Brand Stocks

Luxury goods present an alluring investment as wide margins and growth potential dominate. Read on for a comprehensive overview of the sector and...

Investing Ideas

How Counterfeiting Affects the Luxury Goods Sector

Some big players in the luxury and consumer goods sectors are fighting back against counterfeiting. Read on for more insight.

Investing Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Media & Entertainment Stocks

Explore the dynamic world of Media & Entertainment stock investments with our comprehensive guide, uncovering the industry depths, and potential...

Investing Ideas

Nurturing Innovation: How Governments are Prioritizing IP Policies

Dive into the world of intellectual property and uncover the crucial role it plays in sparking creativity, promoting economic growth, and...

Investing Ideas

Why IP Matters in Investing

Learn why considering IP can help retail investors uncover hidden value and make better-informed decisions for their investment portfolios.

Investing Ideas

Investing in Oil and Gas Stocks

Looking to diversify your investment portfolio? Find out everything you need to know about oil and gas stocks and why they could be the perfect...

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Mapping the Future of Biopharma: Insights from McKinsey's Helix Report

Explore the McKinsey Helix Report and discover insights into the future success of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Media and Entertainment Insights from The Investing Intel Podcast

Media and Entertainment business QYOU Media is convinced that India is the most exciting market in the space right now. We spoke to Co-founder and...

Amazon Launches Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange ACX

Amazon recently launched the Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange (ACX), a collaborative initiative aimed at safeguarding online shopping by combating...

Are TTE, PSX and TELL, 3 Oil Stocks Worth Buying?

Here we examine three oil stocks as crude market volatility persists and the global outlook remains stable amidst uncertainty.

Plug Power Inc Stock Analysis: Should You Invest?

PLUG stock is down by 30% year-to-date. Does it have the makings of a good long-term investment?

BMY Stock: Precision Medicine & Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment

Explore how Bristol-Myers Squibb pioneers cancer treatment using precision medicine & immunotherapy for improved patient outcomes and survival rates.

Ovderhead aerial view of cargo ship in the sea.

Diversifying Critical Mineral Supply Chains: The Role of Canada and the West

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about global instability and are looking to secure domestic supplies of critical...

Mullen Automotive Inc Stock is Down 69% YTD. Should You Buy the Dip?

Mullen Automotive Inc is a favorite amongst EV investors, but is the stock worth a look at its current price?

Is Netlist (NLST) Stock a Good Investment?

Netlist, Inc. stock is trending among retail investors. Is now the time to buy?

Is ATAI Life Sciences Stock a Buy Right Now?

ATAI Life Sciences NV'is down by 17% year-to-date. Should you buy the dip?

Is Southern Copper Corp a Promising Copper Stock Investment?

Uncover the potential of Southern Copper Corp stock as an investment opportunity. We reveal the company's strengths, opportunities, and risks...

5 Canadian Copper Stocks to Watch in 2023

Copper, a highly versatile and widely used metal, has been a focus for investors seeking to capitalize on the growing demand in various industries,...

Tesla Inc Stock is Up 67% YTD. Is TSLA a Buy?

Tesla Inc is a favorite amongst investors, but is the stock worth a look at its current price?

NVIDIA Corporation Stock Analysis: Buy, Sell or Hold?

NVDA stock is up by 95% year-to-date. Will this trend continue?

Netflix Inc Stock is Up 11% YTD. Is NFLX a Buy?

Netflix Inc is a favorite amongst investors, but is the stock worth a look at its current price?

Teck Resources Ltd Class B Stock Analysis: Should You Invest?

Teck Resources Ltd has captured investors' attention, but is it worth considering at its current valuation? Meanwhile, Glencore signals its...


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