CrowdStrike Strong Q4, Expects 30%+ Revenue Growth in 2025

By Patricia Miller


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Crowdstrike Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CRWD) delivers impressive Q4 results, driving revenue growth and gaining industry recognition, making it a promising investment for retail investors.

Crowdstrike logo on smartphone with Cyber Security written in the background.
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc NASDAQ: CRWD Stock

What You Need To Know

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CRWD), a leading cybersecurity company, reported strong Q4 results, with a 27% YoY increase in Net New Annual Recurring Revenue (NNARR) and a positive outlook for fiscal year 2025, projecting over 30% revenue growth. The company experienced robust deal flow, cross-selling momentum, and success with emerging products, contributing to about 25% of their Annual Recurring Revenue.

While others in the industry have observed consumer spending fatigue, CrowdStrike has seen increased demand for their Falcon platform and recorded record deal volumes, including over 250 deals valued at $1 million or more each.

The company has received top ratings from customers in Endpoint Detection and Response, earning recognition from industry leaders like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC for their leadership in modern endpoint security. Forrester specifically praised CrowdStrike's AI-powered Falcon platform for its effective endpoint solution and minimal impact on performance.

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Why This Is Important for Retail Investors

  1. Growth Potential: CrowdStrike's strong Q4 results and positive outlook for fiscal year 2025 indicate significant growth potential. Retail investors may consider this an opportunity for stock appreciation and long-term returns.

  2. Industry Leadership: The company's recognition as a top provider in endpoint security by industry leaders such as Gartner and Forrester demonstrates its industry leadership. Retail investors may view this as a positive indicator of the company's competitive advantage and market position.

  3. Customer Endorsement: The high customer ratings and strong demand for CrowdStrike's Falcon platform reinforce its product quality and customer satisfaction. Retail investors may interpret this as a positive signal of customer loyalty and potential revenue growth.

  4. Market Trends: Unlike some competitors, CrowdStrike has not encountered spending fatigue among consumers. This suggests that retail investors may view the company as well-positioned to benefit from ongoing market trends and increased demand for cybersecurity solutions.

  5. Record Deal Volumes: CrowdStrike's record deal volumes, including numerous high-value deals, indicate strong market demand and sales performance. Retail investors may perceive this as an encouraging sign of the company's ability to attract and retain customers and its potential for future revenue growth.

How Can You Use This Information?

Here are some of the investing ideas that can be explored using this information:

Growth Investing

CrowdStrike's strong performance and positive outlook for revenue growth make it an attractive option for investors considering companies with high growth potential.

Growth investing focuses on stocks of companies expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to other stocks in the market; learn more in our article titled 'What is Growth Investing?'.

Defensive investing

CrowdStrike's industry leadership, customer endorsement, and record deal volumes suggest its resilience and ability to navigate market challenges, making it a potential choice for defensive investors seeking stability and security.

Defensive Investing focuses on securing a portfolio by choosing companies that are less sensitive to economic downturns.

Innovation-Focused Investing

With CrowdStrike's AI-powered Falcon platform receiving accolades and its success in emerging products, investors interested in innovative technology solutions may find it appealing.

Innovation-focused investing seeks out companies that are leaders in technological advancement, offering potential for significant growth as they develop new products and services.

Thematic Investing

CrowdStrike's expertise in cybersecurity aligns with the growing theme of cybersecurity as a critical concern in the digital age. Investors focusing on thematic trends may see potential in investing in the company.

Thematic Investing selects assets based on projected trends or themes believed to offer growth opportunities.

Sector Rotation

Given CrowdStrike's impressive performance in the cybersecurity sector, investors employing sector rotation strategies may consider allocating or shifting their investments towards this sector, which has shown robust growth.

Sector Rotation is the practice of shifting investment capital from one industry sector to another to take advantage of the economic cycle.

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  • ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF (HACK) - HACK offers exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies involved in the cybersecurity industry. The fund includes companies that provide hardware, software, and services to defend against cybercrime, and CrowdStrike is among its holdings.

  • Global X Cybersecurity ETF (BUG) - BUG seeks to invest in companies that stand to benefit from the increasing adoption of cybersecurity technology. This includes companies protecting computer hardware, software, networks, and data from unauthorized access and attacks. CrowdStrike's strong performance and growth prospects are relevant to this ETF's strategy.

  • iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETF (IHAK) - This ETF provides exposure to companies that offer cybersecurity solutions and services, including those involved in developing and managing security protocols. CrowdStrike's inclusion in this ETF allows investors to participate in the company's growth while diversifying across the tech and cybersecurity sectors.

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