Investing in BorgWarner Inc Stock: Is BWA a Buy in 2024?

By Patricia Miller


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BorgWarner Inc (NYSE: BWA): A Value Stock Investment

What You Need To Know

BorgWarner Inc stock has shown resilience in a rapidly changing automotive industry.

That’s why, with its solid financials, New York listed BWA emerges as a notable value stock investment. The company's attractive P/E Ratio of 11 and a PEG Ratio of 0.9 underscore its value-oriented characteristics.

Investors seeking stability and long-term growth potential in a rapidly changing automotive sector may consider BorgWarner.

Value stocks are known for their stability and potential for long-term growth, making them an attractive choice for investors seeking reliable returns.

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One compelling reason to view BorgWarner Inc (NYSE: BWA) as a value stock is its strategic venture with Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group, focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles. This aligns the company with the global trend toward eco-friendly transportation, positioning it for sustained growth in a sector undergoing significant transformation.

Stefan Demmerle, president and general manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems said:

"By jointly working on a high-voltage inverter application for high efficiency vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles, this joint venture will support our business growth for power electronics,"

BorgWarner's commitment to innovation in eMobility and its proactive approach, including operational adjustments and strategic evolution, highlight its dedication to staying competitive.

With a significant global footprint and a focus on technologies shaping the future of mobility, BorgWarner offers investors a value proposition backed by the potential for steady, long-term growth in the automotive industry.

BorgWarner stock is currently trading at an attractive valuation, making it a potential opportunity for value-oriented investors looking to add a solid automotive company to their portfolio.

BorgWarner Investor Relations is a valuable resource for shareholders and potential investors to access information about the company's financial performance, corporate updates, and shareholder communications.

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Why This Is Important for Retail Investors

  1. Growth in Electrified Commercial Vehicles: The collaboration between BorgWarner and Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group focuses on developing high-voltage inverter applications for heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles. As the world shifts towards electrified transportation, this venture positions BorgWarner to tap into the growing market for electric commercial vehicles, potentially leading to increased demand for their products.

  2. Market Expansion in China: China is a significant market for commercial vehicles and electric transportation. Retail investors should take note of this venture as it enables BorgWarner to expand its presence and potentially gain a larger market share in China, a critical region for future growth.

  3. Synergistic Expertise: The partnership leverages BorgWarner's expertise in electrification and close customer relationships with Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group's commercial vehicle knowledge. This combination of strengths enhances the potential for successful product development and market penetration.

  4. Diversification: Diversification is a key strategy for investors to manage risk. With this venture, BorgWarner diversifies its offerings into the electric commercial vehicle sector, reducing its reliance on traditional automotive markets. Retail investors may find this diversification appealing as it can enhance the company's resilience to market fluctuations.

  5. Future Profitability: As the joint venture accelerates product development and commercializes efficient inverter technology, it may lead to increased revenue streams for BorgWarner. Investors should consider the potential impact on the company's profitability and stock performance, making it an important development to monitor.

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The China Factor

BorgWarner (BWA) is actively expanding its global presence, with a significant focus on the Chinese market. The company is currently launching numerous programs worldwide, emphasizing the electrification sector, and is collaborating with several of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Notably, China is a critical market for BorgWarner, where it is introducing a variety of new products. The company's product portfolio, highly pertinent to both Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and hybrids, supports its growth strategy.

BorgWarner's hybrid powertrain and high-voltage plug-in hybrid programs, especially in China, demonstrate its strong position in the market.

However, the company is experiencing a slower ramp-up in its eProducts segment, impacting the pace of profitability. Despite this, the company's launches and business in China are progressing, although at a slower pace than anticipated.

Management acknowledge the challenges in the Chinese market, including delays in product launches and ramp-ups, which contribute to short-term volatility in performance.

However, these are seen as timing issues rather than long-term market concerns. BorgWarner remains committed to its global strategy, with China as a pivotal market for its electrification and hybrid initiatives.

As of December 31, 2023, BlackRock owns approximately 7.5% of BorgWarner Inc.’s common stock.

How Can You Use This Information?

Here are some of the investing ideas that can be explored using this information:

Value Investing

Recent data indicates diverging performance between the US and Chinese stock markets with the US far outpacing China. Over a longer 20-year period, Chinese shares saw a modest increase compared to a significant surge in the US stock market and the Indian stock market. Additionally, China's demographics present challenges, with more deaths than births for two consecutive years, potentially impacting its economic productivity.

Despite these concerns, some argue that China's unique position in the economic cycle, coupled with its innovative companies and historically low valuations, offers opportunities for investors to bargain hunt for value stocks.

Value investing searches for undervalued companies that trade for less than their intrinsic values, with the expectation that they will eventually be recognized by the market.

Contrarian Investing

Given the diverging performance of the Chinese stock market and negative sentiment, contrarian investors might consider taking positions in select Chinese stocks. If they believe that the market sentiment has swung too far in a negative direction, they could identify opportunities in companies with solid fundamentals that have been overlooked due to broader market concerns.

Contrarian investing involves taking positions against prevailing market trends on the belief that the crowd is wrong.

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