Delic Corp is best positioned to capture the full impact of the psychedelic wellness industry.

By Patricia Miller


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Delic Holdings Inc. is focused on bringing psychedelic wellness to the mainstream.

A health and wellness investment opportunity spanning multiple revenue streams.


Delic Holdings Inc is focused on bringing psychedelic wellness to the mainstream. It does this through an umbrella of related businesses it owns and operates to support scaling the impact and reach of treatment, including:

  1. trusted media and e-commerce platforms and in-person events to market the services directly to patients and consumers and gain data.

  2. a licensed lab to develop IP, R&D, and innovative high-quality and safe product lines.

  3. the largest and most accessible network of physical clinics to administer effective treatments.

Psychedelic wellness company Delic Holdings Inc is home to a growing array of consciousness-enhancing wellness assets.

With these tools in hand, the company is on a mission to better inform the public of all the good that can come from better understanding the hallucinogenic space.

For investors, this presents an exciting opportunity to invest in a promising growth story with real-world earning power.

Along with its research lab, website, blog, podcast, e-commerce store, and elaborate in-person events, Delic Corp is expanding to the largest chain of profitable treatment and wellness clinics in the world, while simultaneously conducting scientific research.

The future of hallucinogens will cater to a significant consumer packaged goods and products market — and its lab will allow it to serve that audience.

Delic Corp Labs develops IP and novel psychedelic products. It embraces licensing opportunities and works with other legal companies in biotech, and other progressive sectors, to develop increasingly effective products and treatments.

All of the above translates into money-spinning potential with a feel-good karmic quality.

Tackling mental health

Mental health problems have been rising in recent years, and Covid-19 has accelerated this trend.

21% of US adults now live with high levels of psychological distress. Unfortunately, younger generations are suffering the most, with 32% of these aged 18 to 29.

While conventional medicine has its place, it comes with an assortment of unwanted side effects.

Worse still, between 40% and 71% of patients taking antidepressants relapse.

The world is crying out for a viable solution, and this is where Delic Corp is poised to help.

A trusted chain of treatment clinics

Delic Corp is focused on bringing the most patients into a safe space and increasing accessibility to its clinics. With the close of a pending acquisition, it will operate the largest network of health clinics that currently offer ketamine treatment, which has shown great success with a number of significant mental health conditions. As future substances are FDA approved, it will provide those as well through its clinics.

It does not believe telehealth or remote health efforts to treat mental health conditions are as effective as personalized in-person clinical treatments with medical professionals.

Delic Corp also does not believe psychedelic treatment should be reserved for the elite or the wealthy. Its treatments are economical to ensure accessibility and the company works closely to help patients with insurance offset the total cost.

Early in July, Delic Holdings completed its acquisition of Ketamine Infusion Centers (KIC). It’s a tremendously exciting move for the group and one it can’t wait to expand.

The acquisition gives Delic Corp ownership of physical health clinics to complement its growing virtual and wellness center presence.

Further igniting its ambition to grow, Delic Corp intends to expand on a much grander scale. In fact, Delic Corp plans to operate the largest chain of ketamine clinics in the US.

This is fast emerging as a promising treatment for chronic diseases and prolonged pain. Moreover, clinical trials and peer-reviewed studies are showing positive results in their assessment of ketamine infusions.

As future treatments are legalized Delic Corp will offer additional options across its extensive provider network. No matter where you’re located in America, Delic Corp has a keen focus on serving multiple cities and the bulk of the population.

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What is this unique therapy?

Ketamine has an interesting history.

Back in the sixties, this numbing substance started out as an anesthetic for animals. It then evolved for human use in the seventies. Subsequently, the Vietnam war brought notoriety to the drug, as it helped treat soldiers for pain while keeping them calm.

Abuse of this drug in a party atmosphere is dangerous, but its use in therapy is an entirely different experience.

Nowadays, there are many happy tales of recovery from individuals previously on the brink of suicide, thanks to the anesthetic’s calming ability to heal.

Ketamine takes users into a dissociative experience, alternatively considered a ‘trip.’ This disassociation comes with visual and sensory illusions, euphoria, and a temporary bend in thought process.

It’s a revolutionary therapy helping people change for the better. And it works wonders in assisting individuals to break through a crisis.

With an epidemic of suicide occurring in society today, this unique therapy offers a viable solution in a safe and controlled setting.

Within 24 hours of treatment, ketamine has a 70% response rate. That is phenomenal, considering traditional antidepressants can take weeks to kick in, often with much lower response rates.

This is excellent news for investors because Delic Corp’s clinics sport high-profit margins, while this controlled substance is a proven effective treatment.

Saving lives, making money

Opening one of these clinics costs around $250k, but 25-30% operating profit means a break-even point within six months.

Treatments at Delic Corp’s clinics cost between $300 and $750 per session, with six-monthly booster sessions recommended. For many, these sessions are a gratifying experience they look forward to.

Better still, the treatments are far more affordable than alternative consciousness-enhancing therapies.

For instance, psilocybin treatments cost upwards of $10k a session, and MDMA sessions are projected to cost between $4k and $5k per session.

As the far cheaper option, this makes ketamine the ideal drug to implement at scale.

Delic Holdings Inc offers investors a unique way to profit from a life-changing solution to one of the world’s biggest health problems.

Building a wellness empire


The allure for investors is that Delic Corp intends to open and operate 26 clinics within the next 18 months.

Encouragingly, its clinics have been achieving revenues above $1.5 million since 2019.

Furthermore, Delic Corp’s expansion of the clincs will establish it as one of the largest of this type of clinical providers in the US.

Matt Stang, Founder and CEO of Delic Corp said:


Educate and empower

Delic Corp takes a unique approach by focusing on increasing accessibility to the most effective treatments for the most people. The company supports any efforts to bring these effective tools to the forefront of medical treatment and will work cooperatively across the industry to bring hallucinogenic wellness to the masses.

By also focusing on education Delic Corp can bring more people into the conversation about psychedelic solutions. Meanwhile, its battle-tested veterans will draw on lessons learned from the societal acceptance of cannabis through its early medical benefits.

Better still, Delic Corp provides another springboard from which it can educate those in need.

Delic Corp’s existing media platform and brand are well-received and admired. From its educational podium, Delic Corp can drive patients to its clinics, and from its clinics, can leverage its powerful bank of information.

This influential combination creates a full-circle entity, positioned to become a national market leader quickly.

While ketamine treatments are a primary division of Delic Corp’s business, its media empire educates on all aspects of psychedelic and alternative therapies.

Delic Corp’s extensive network also includes Delic Corps Labs, where its renowned scientists conduct licensed research into cannabis and psilocybin treatments.

Altogether Delic Corp is building a powerhouse in the mind-expanding realm. Armed with its accessible information, KIC chain, and Wellness Centers, it is empowering those suffering to escape from the clutches of devastating mind control.

Let the numbers do the talking

Meanwhile, Delic Corp is growing its audience across multiple media channels.

The company has created over 40 episodes of an educational and thought-provoking podcast to inform and discuss various psychedelic treatments.

Company co-founder and CCO Jackee Stang hosts each episode and has clocked up over 100k total streams. is Delic Corp’s unique digital magazine with over 5k original articles, 1.5m page views in 2020, and 800 first-page Google rankings.

Delic Corp is also harnessing the power of email with over 7k subscribers, 115k unique opens, and 11k clicks in 2020.

Finally, ‘Meet Delic’ has been discussed and featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, Daily Beast, Forbes, High Times, The Dr. Drew Podcast, and NBC News and is expected to draw thousands this November.

Shifting perception

Anxiety and depression are debilitating and extremely widespread. The rise of technology and the arrival of Covid-19 has exacerbated this, with people now suffering in droves.

These alternative treatments are finally gaining traction as a viable and organic solution in battling the world’s mental health problems.

Thankfully authorities are beginning to take notice. Although many of these types of substances were classified illegal decades ago, psilocybin therapy has recently been approved for clinical trials.

And breakthroughs in Ketamine, MDMA, and DMT treatments are all underway too.

The power of cognitive freedom cannot be overstated. It unlocks suppressed emotions, erases depressive thoughts, and allows the underlying personality to emerge triumphant.

Now Delic Corp can further leverage its educational ecosystem to an entirely new audience.

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An educational transition

Education is critical in breaking the stigma surrounding psychedelics and embracing these wonder drugs at scale.

And this is something Delic Holdings Inc has mastered.

This journey from captivating the uninformed or anti-hallucinatory crowd, to ultimately changing opinion on a grand scale, is not as challenging as it may initially seem.

The cannabis sector has already succeeded in this regard and is well on its way to widespread legalization.

In many ways, this emerging space should have an easier road ahead because the cannabis journey has paved the way.

But more importantly, the potential for consciousness-enhancing treatments to solve major world health problems means it’s even more powerful in its scope.

Delic Corp is not simply making big claims with nothing to back them up.

It’s acting and capturing attention through its omni-channel approach. One of which is its real-world edutainment event in November.

Meet Delic, dubbed the world’s premiere psychedelic and wellness occasion, provides an opportunity to educate and inform. This much-anticipated event will bring together a mix of newcomers, businesses, and thought leaders.

With a business vision, Delic Corp is making money while conducting its journey of enlightenment.

Leveraging several income streams

At Delic Corp Labs, its team of scientists develops novel psychedelic compounds for legal mind-enhancing treatments.

This commercial wing of the business is exciting to investors because it’s been profitable since its founding.

And its lucrative customers include biotech, alcohol and tobacco, instrument manufacturers, and cannabis producers.

The fact that hallucinogenic treatments alone have the potential to treat so many individuals suffering is truly incredible.

Delic Corp is on a mission to educate those in need and change opinions along the way. All the while making money for shareholders through a variety of rewarding income streams.

Delic Corp. is an investment opportunity not to be missed.



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