The company ready to take the bottled water industry by storm

By Patricia Miller


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The Alkaline Water Company are riding the wave in the $20.3 billion bottled water market.

At a value of $20.3 billion, the bottled water market is the biggest beverage category in the USA. Riding this wave is The Alkaline Water Company – a company not only poised to take the industry by storm, but trading at a DEEP discount compared to its peers.

These days, health and wellness movements mean people are more aware than ever of what they are eating and drinking. As a consequence of this, a sub-sector of the bottled water market – known as ‘value-added water’ – has seen sales skyrocket in recent years.

Such is the buzz, some of the world’s biggest beverage companies – including Coca Cola and Nestle – have already entered this market with their own acquisitions. This means The Alkaline Water Company is now the largest independent alkaline water company in the US.

In this exclusive video, we break down everything you need to know, including our ‘six reasons to invest’. And, if that doesn’t whet your appetite enough, keep scrolling for more information, insight & analysis into this undervalued player that’s set to sweep the industry.

Adding value to their products and your portfolio

Value added water isn’t a new concept, but it is seeing impressive growth in an ever increasingly health-conscious world. So, what exactly is value added water, and what makes The Alkaline Water Company such a mouth-watering prospect?

The value-added water industry comprises flavored, enhanced (including oxygenated and structured), essence, and alkaline waters. In 2020 it accounted for around 812 million gallons of sales.

So, where do The Alkaline Water Company come in? Well, using their innovative, state-of-the-art proprietary electrolysis process, the company manufactures premium drinking water containing trace minerals and electrolytes.

Whereas regular drinking water has a neutral pH of 7, the Alkaline Water Company’s process allows their product to achieve an 8.8-pH balance. As a result of this increase, the water is believed to offer a number of health benefits to those who consume it.

Research is still ongoing, but a wide range of domestic and international studies suggest that alkaline water might be helpful for certain medical conditions. These include increasing blood viscosity, improving hydration, skin health, and detoxifying effects amongst others.

What else do you need to know?

When many companies struggled with the pandemic, The Alkaline Water Company was thriving. That’s because, thanks to their domestic supply chain, they were able to meet demand when others couldn’t.

Because of this, the company have gained a massive lead over their competitors. Now, Alkaline Water outsells its closest alternative by more than five times! But they aren’t taking their foot off the gas.

Not content with just being number one in the US, the company have already branched out into Mexico. On top of this, they are also examining the Canadian and Asian markets for the right opportunity to continue theirgrowth.

But they are also combining this larger market with a larger product rangetoo. In fact, they’ve grown from just 2 bottles of water a couple of years ago to a wide range of options today. They are also now eyeing an exciting new opportunity in the CBD ingestible market.

The CBD ingestible market is expected to be worth more than $6 billion in the USA by 2023. The Alkaline Water Company are at the forefront of producing CBD-based ingestibles. As well as CBD-infused water, they’ve developed gummies and even skincare products.

And, as major states like California, New York, and Texas become increasingly friendly toward CBD products, it’s creating a massive market. In those states alone, that adds 100 million Americans who are now able to buy Alkaline Water’s new A88CBD products.

It’s clear that The Alkaline Water Company is amongst the best kept secrets in this industry – so what are you waiting for?

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