This new firm's first products tackle a sensitive issue in a tried-and-tested way...

By Mark Sheridan


Mixing innovative ideas with proven science to lead the way in women's wellbeing...

LOVE Pharma – Mixing innovative ideas with proven science to lead the way in women’s wellbeing


The most successful businesses are often those that solve a problem in a new and innovative way.

And that is exactly what LOVE Pharma is doing.

However, the particular problem it is solving with several of its innovative, science-backed products is one that isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be.

You see, LOVE Pharma is helping to tackle the issue of female sexual dysfunction, or FSD for short.

It’s not perhaps an area you’ll have ever thought to invest in before.

But, the fact is, in helping to address this growing concern, LOVE Pharma presents smart investors with a very exciting proposition now that it has come to the public.

Indeed, there’s no doubt that FSD is a major issue, but it’s only now being fully recognized.

It’s hard to put precise figures on the problem, because of the many different forms FSD can take, but it’s estimated that between 30-50% of women suffer from it in the US alone.

So, where the market for treatments of male sexual dysfunction is already well established and worth an estimated $2 billion

The market for equivalent products addressed to women is now expected to grow three times larger.

In fact, a recent report predicted that the market for FSD treatments will soar in value by nearly $280 million between 2021 and 2025 alone.

That’s a compound annual growth rate of 35%.

LOVE Pharma looks to set to claim a huge chunk of the space thanks to the innovative and already-proven treatments it has been developing and taking to market.

Given the potential revenues on offer as awareness of FSD grows…

Smart investors who get in on the ground floor could be primed to generate excellent returns on their investments.

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A natural and more effective alternative to what’s currently on the market

For many women, especially those who are premenopausal or menopausal, one of the most significant symptoms of FSD is vaginal dryness.

It’s a sensitive subject, but one that needs tackling. For women, the issue can not only make sexual intercourse uncomfortable, but it can be a source of general discomfort, too.

To tackle the problem, LOVE Pharma has developed a topical gel called Bloom that can be applied directly to the area of discomfort. It then increases blood flow to help with lubrication, increases sensitivity, and reduces pain.

Bloom uses two key ingredients: menthol and L-arginine, which work in tandem to stimulate the body and help it lubricate itself naturally.

This is key.

You see, many existing lubricants on the market use petrochemicals that can significantly contribute to bacterial infections.

Bloom overcomes that problem.

It’s worth noting, too, that as well as working in a much more natural way, LOVE Pharma’s gel is clinically proven to be effective.

A study found that 80% of women were able to lubricate naturally more quickly using Bloom, while 70% said the lubrication was of a higher quality.

Not only that, but the research found that over two-thirds of women who had used the gel enjoyed a better, more intense sexual experience.

In its current form, the product has already gone through FDA medical clearance and is now being readied to be brought to market.

However, LOVE Pharma is not resting on its laurels. Despite its excellent existing results, the company continues to innovate, and is already looking at releasing a version of the gel that adds CBD to the mix.

Scientific studies suggest that adding this element—which is derived from MJ—could help to enhance the effects of its product further.

It could open the door to swathes of new consumers engaging with the current boom for the therapeutic substance

But while a potential addition to LOVE Pharma’s range like this is critical to itslong-term prospects…

It is just one of many ways in which the business is looking to expand its reach.

A strategic approach to product development looks to establish long-term success


LOVE Pharma is conscious of over-saturating the women’s wellness and sexual wellness markets by releasing too many products at the same time.

It’s the same sound logic that stops Coca-Cola from putting all its different brands and flavors in front of consumers at once. It would be overwhelming, and sales of each product could suffer as a result.

It’s far more effective to stagger launches, allowing the market to absorb each product individually.

And this is why LOVE Pharma has teed-up a number of products that could provide a series of very exciting value catalysts further down the line.

The first is another topical gel aimed at helping couples who struggle to conceive in a natural way.

Like FSD, unexplained infertility among healthy couples is an issue that is just not covered in the mainstream media.

But the fact is, 75% of unexplained infertility cases are thought to be a result of insufficient natural lubrication.

This product – called ToConceive – once again uses a combination of menthol and L-arginine to help increase natural lubrication and increase the production of a protein called ‘albumin’, which, in turn, increases the chances of conception.

Again, some lubricants on the market have been found to actually damage sperm and reduce the chances of conception. But LOVE Pharma’s natural solution avoids that problem.

It also provides hope for healthy couples of avoiding the need to resort to expensive IVF treatments, which can cost many thousands.

Already cleared by the FDA and multi-patented, it’s yet another product on LOVE Pharma’s roster that could soon become a huge revenue generator.

What’s more, alongside this, LOVE Pharma is also working on natural and patented supplements aimed specifically at enhancing desire and sexual performance in both women and men.

The company is not limiting its focus to sexual wellness, either.

Indeed, it has also released a sub-lingual strip containing menthol, L-arginine, and CBD that can be dissolved under the tongue– much like those many put on their tongue to freshen their breath.

Evidence suggests that the delivery method used by these strips—which have now entered the market—can support the rapid and highly effective uptake of their ingredients.

Critically, versions of these strips containing other MJ derivatives and even psychedelics will also enter the market further down the line, offering up exposure to even more booming sectors.

For example, the latter market is expected to be worth some US$6.9 billion by 2027 from just US$2.1 billion in 2019…

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Ready and rearing to hit the market running

As it stands, the various products LOVE Pharma intends to bring to market are already proven and licensed.

As we write, it is just a case of branding them, preparing for launch, and then releasing them through the numerous distribution partners LOVE Pharma has been cultivating with the intention of signing imminently.

Significant revenues are expected to follow very quickly.

And when you consider the market caps of established companies operating in similar spaces often sits in the billions…

It’s clear there is significant upside for LOVE Pharma to enjoy.

Investors will be pleased to hear the company is well-funded already. So, with a winning team at the helm, there’s little doubt this is a stock set to lead the way in a number of interesting and important sectors.

It all adds up to an excellent addition that will help to diversify and potentially grow any portfolio.



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Author: Mark Sheridan

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