Kavango Resources: KAV Stock Up 82% YTD

By Patricia Miller


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Kavango Resources is making waves with its gold exploration projects in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The company’s strategic approach promises exciting opportunities for mining investors in Southern Africa.

Mining Operation Kavango Resources Workers examining ore and busy on site.
Kavango Resources: Riding High on Gold Trends

Gold and copper explorer Kavango Resources PLC (LSE: KAV) has seen its share price soar over 82% year-to-date. The company is focused on exploring metals in Southern Africa. The company boasts projects in Botswana and Zimbabwe, with a strategic focus on gold and base metals exploration.

Kavango Resources has made remarkable strides within a short span of time, transitioning swiftly from an exploration-focused entity to an active producer in Zimbabwe. In just 10 months, Kavango has shifted its focus from exploration to production, demonstrating agility and efficiency within the mining sector.

This rapid progression underscores Kavango's commitment to advancing its projects and realizing tangible outcomes in a relatively condensed timeframe. Investors may find Kavango's accelerated journey from exploration to production indicative of its proactive approach and potential for near-term revenue generation.

Furthermore, a key backer and major investor in Kavango is Purebond Ltd, which is run by the Kansagra family from Kenya. The Kansagra family is known for their notable presence in business circles, particularly in the UK and across Africa.

Establishing a Gold Mining Operation

Kavango Resources is pursuing a strategic plan to establish a significant gold mining operation. The company is adopting a phased approach to develop a multi-million ounce gold camp in Zimbabwe.

The company is structured to expedite the production of new discoveries. It has a profitable small-scale stamp milling operation at Prospect 1, which serves as a foundation for its expansion plans. Kavango aims to construct a modular ore processing plant incrementally as its resource base grows.

Kavango's CEO Ben Turney believes in the potential for Zimbabwe to experience a mining boom similar to Australia's, given the comparable geological settings.

The company is employing modern exploration techniques, yielding promising initial results. With ongoing assay evaluations and a dedicated team, Kavango Resources is optimistic about achieving significant milestones in 2024 and beyond.

Gold Cash Flow Potential

Kavango recently announced an updated Resource Estimate for the Nara Gold Project in Zimbabwe. This update includes a Measured category of mineral resource for the first time. This updated estimate underscores the potential of the Nara tailings dumps, with additional upside potential yet to be explored at deeper levels.

Looking ahead, if Kavango proceeds to process the tailings dump within the next two to three years, the company anticipates potential annual free cash flow exceeding one million dollars. This projection underscores the economic viability and potential profitability of leveraging existing resources through efficient processing methods.

Kavango's strategy to capitalize on these gold reserves represents a promising pathway toward sustainable revenue growth and value creation for investors.

High-Grade Hillside Gold in Zimbabwe

The company also reported positive assay results from its Hillside Prospect 2 gold project in Zimbabwe. The drilling at Prospect 2 intercepted a 7.2-meter-wide zone containing gold and associated minerals at a shallow depth.

This discovery highlights the potential for open-pit mining due to the shallow depth of the high-grade zone.

Botswana Gold Exploration

In Botswana, Kavango's flagship project is the Ditau Project covering 2,653 square kilometers. This project aims to explore for gold hosted in Banded Iron Formation (BIF). A recent examination of core samples revealed an expanded area of mineralized BIF, showing strong potential for exploration.

Kavango Resources also holds a large land package (7,497 km²) in the Kalahari Copper Belt (KCB), targeting significant copper-silver mineralization. It has 18 Prospecting Licences near operational copper/silver mines. Exploration is prioritizing the Karakubis project based on expert recommendations, with strong indications of prospectivity from physical and geophysical data.

In Botswana's Kalahari Suture Zone (KSZ), Kavango has positioned itself to discover a world-class Ni-Cu-PGE (Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Elements) metal sulfide deposit. This expansive project covers 8,961 square kilometers with 16 Prospecting Licences spanning the majority of the 450-kilometer-long KSZ. The company's strategic objective in this area is to unlock the potential for significant base metal and precious metal discoveries, capitalizing on the geological characteristics of the region.

Kavango's exploration efforts in Botswana have made significant strides, nearing the drilling phase with recent announcements of tendering for drill contracts. Anticipating commencement within weeks, the company is poised for an exciting phase amid rising gold and copper prices. Overall, Kavango is experiencing positive momentum.

Gold Projects in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, Kavango holds three key gold projects with substantial bulk mining potential.

The Nara Project, encompassing 415 hectares, stands out with over 4 kilometers of potential strike length and a projected gold potential exceeding 1 million ounces.

Similarly, the Hillside Project spans 503 hectares and features three priority near-surface prospects linked to historical underground gold production totaling 18,000 ounces. Kavango is targeting a substantial gold potential of over 500,000 ounces at this project.

Additionally, the Leopard Project covers 896 hectares and has a history of underground gold production.

Kavango Resources presents a diversified and ambitious exploration strategy focused on high-potential gold and base metal projects across Southern Africa. With active exploration programs and a commitment to uncovering significant mineral resources, Kavango offers investors exposure to exciting opportunities in the evolving mining sector of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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