Redwood Materials IPO: What You Need to Know

By Kirsteen Mackay


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Rumors of a Redwood Materials IPO are circulating. Is it on the cards or simply wishful thinking?

Redwood Materials IPO: What You Need to Know

Demand for a Redwood Materials IPO appears to be mounting. The EV battery recycling company has been making headlines for a string of lucrative deals in recent months. And its owner is ex-Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) co-founder and CTO Jeffrey Brian Straubel, which also invites speculative discussion. 

Redwood stock is not yet available to buy, but it's sure to be a popular share purchase when the time comes.

What is Redwood Materials?

Redwood Materials is an advanced technology company focused on the circular economy.

We need to do something about the colossal pile of waste we are accumulating to save our planet. Redwood Materials is attempting to do just that by developing processes for materials recycling, re-manufacturing, and reuse.

The start-up is planning ahead to address the problems and opportunities arising from the shift to electrification. Indeed, millions of gadgets and electric vehicle batteries need an end-of-life solution.

Redwood appreciates the incredible scale of materials involved in the global transition to sustainable energy and has begun to plan for the safe disposal of batteries being made today. 

The focus of Redwood Materials is to recycle lithium-ion batteries and electronic waste safely. And the company has already struck supply deals with Ford and Panasonic, which make electric batteries for Tesla. 

In September, it was announced Ford is investing $50m in Redwood to "expand Redwood's manufacturing footprint."

What Does Redwood Materials Recycle?

Although the focus is on recycling the materials used in electric batteries, the scope to recycle much more is already apparent.

Waste lithium-ion battery materials also come from production scrap and consumer goods.

Lawnmowers, cameras, cell phones and toothbrushes all result in a lithium-ion surplus.

And along with lithium, the company wants to recycle copper, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

How Does Redwood Materials Make Money?

Redwood Materials makes money by selling the materials it recycles. There is apparent demand for the resources, and companies are keen to help keep things green as best they can.

Redwood Materials is not yet profitable, and it may be some time before it does turn a profit.

Redwood accepts phones, laptops, tablets, power tools, electric toothbrushes, wireless headphones, and other rechargeable devices with a lithium-ion battery for recycling.

When Will Redwood Materials IPO?

There is no date set for Redwood Materials to go public via IPO. At the moment, it's a rumor spurred by retail investor's desire to buy shares in this exciting company.

Who is Jeffrey B. Straubel?

Founder of Tesla., Volacom, and Redwood Materials, Jeffrey B. Straubel is an entrepreneur. He is currently Chief Executive Officer & Director at Redwood Materials.

Mr. Straubel is also on the board of Electronic Recyclers International and QuantumScape Corp. He previously served as Chief Technology Officer of Tesla and Chief Technology Officer for Volacom. 

JB Straubel received a graduate degree and an undergraduate degree from Stanford University.

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