SLB & Geminus AI Transform Oil & Gas Operations

By Patricia Miller


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SLB and Geminus AI partner to transform oil and gas operations with advanced physics-informed AI models, driving efficiency and profitability. Ideal for retail investors seeking innovative opportunities.

The image illustrates a digital landscape of a futuristic control room designed for monitoring and optimizing oil and gas operations.
SLB and Geminus AI Revolutionize Oil and Gas Operations with Physics-Informed AI Model Builder

What You Need To Know

Oil and gas company SLB (NYSE: SLB), also known as Schlumberger, has partnered with Geminus AI to develop the industry's first physics-informed artificial intelligence (AI) model builder. By combining physics-based simulation data with process data, the Geminus platform can generate highly accurate AI models that can be deployed quickly and at a lower cost than traditional methods.

These models enable operators to optimize various outcomes in real-time, such as reducing operational expenses, increasing productivity, and minimizing carbon emissions. With sparse data requirements and the ability to easily update models with new data points, the Geminus platform empowers data scientists and modeling engineers to make informed decisions and predict the behavior of complex systems.

The partnership with SLB will help Geminus deliver efficiency and productivity gains to the energy sector. In a customer use case, SLB successfully implemented a Geminus hybrid AI-driven application that optimized economic performance and reduced carbon emissions at a natural gas plant. The application, trained using data from SLB's Symmetry process simulation software, can evaluate 20,000 complex scenarios in under a tenth of a second, allowing operators to explore the impact of different process settings on carbon footprint and yield. This technology has also improved the efficiency of fluid catalytic crackers and enhanced the performance of electric submersible pumps and industrial wellsite chokes.

Both SLB and Geminus are dedicated to driving energy innovation, delivering digital solutions at scale, decarbonizing industries, and supporting the global transition towards new energy systems.

Why This Is Important for Retail Investors

  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The partnership between SLB and Geminus AI introduces advanced AI models that can optimize oil and gas operations in real-time. This increased efficiency translates into improved profitability for companies in the industry, potentially leading to higher returns for retail investors who own shares in these companies.

  2. Reduced Costs: The use of physics-informed AI models allows for faster and more cost-effective deployment compared to traditional AI approaches. By minimizing costs associated with operational inefficiencies, companies may achieve higher profitability, which could positively impact their stock performance and benefit retail investors.

  3. Sustainable Practices: The new AI models aim to minimize carbon emissions and environmental impact. As sustainability gains importance in the investment landscape, companies that demonstrate commitment to reducing their carbon footprint may attract more investor interest, potentially driving up their stock prices.

  4. Innovation and Technological Advancement: The collaboration between SLB and Geminus AI represents a significant technological breakthrough in the oil and gas industry. Retail investors often seek opportunities in companies that demonstrate innovation and stay ahead of the curve, making this partnership an attractive prospect for those looking to invest in cutting-edge technologies.

  5. Potential for Industry-wide Adoption: If successful, this partnership could prompt other oil and gas sector players to adopt similar AI-driven models to optimize their operations. As more companies embrace this technology, it may lead to a positive industry trend that can benefit the oil and gas sector as a whole and generate opportunities for retail investors to diversify their portfolios within this industry.

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