Will Miami Beach Bitcoin Conference Boost Crypto Prices?

By Kirsteen Mackay


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As Bitcoin 2022 begins in Miami Beach, some of the world's most famous crypto faces convene for four days of revelations and discussions.

Miami Beach Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Bitcoin 2022 is the world's biggest bitcoin event. It's sponsored by Cash App, the user-friendly cash and crypto wallet popularized by Jack Dorsey's Block (NASDAQ: SQ). And this four-day crypto extravaganza features some of the world's most famous faces in the space.

Speaking at the Miami Beach event is El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele, Saifedean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, Jordan Peterson, Dave Portnoy, Peter Thiel, Serena Williams, Odell Beckham Jr, Michael Saylor, Lyn Alden and many more. 

The conference is being described as a 'pilgrimage for those seeking greater freedom and individual sovereignty.'

Apple Revelations

The most anticipated rumor surrounding Bitcoin 2022 is that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) will announce its acceptance of bitcoin, incorporating it into Apple Pay.

Any tie-up between Apple and crypto would be sure to help the digital currency prices soar.

But many are skeptical as Apple/Bitcoin rumors have never come to anything in the past.

It was at last year's Bitcoin 2021 conference El Salvador broke the news it would accept bitcoin as legal tender. 

Cash App Hack

Cash App's sponsorship deal of Bitcoin 2022 is fitting. The company is helping bring Bitcoin awareness mainstream and doing a pretty good job at it too.

However, a recent revelation that a former Block employee hacked the data of over 8.2 million Cash App users threatens to cast a cloud over the proceedings. 

Block filed an SEC report disclosing this unfortunate incident. In it, the company states: 

On April 4, 2022, Block, Inc. announced that it recently determined that a former employee downloaded certain reports of its subsidiary Cash App Investing LLC on December 10, 2021 that contained some U.S. customer information. While this employee had regular access to these reports as part of their past job responsibilities, in this instance these reports were accessed without permission after their employment ended. 

When will Kevin O'Leary speak at Bitcoin 2022?

Kevin O'Leary is scheduled to speak at the "Kevin O'Leary Keynote" in Miami at 12:15pm on Wednesday, April 6. 

It's just three years since the Shark Tank star called bitcoin 'garbage' on CNBC, but he's clearly come round to the idea. He's since invested millions in cryptocurrencies amounting to 20% of his portfolio. Retail investors are keen to hear what changed his mind.

When does Jordan Peterson speak in Miami?

Jordan Peterson is expected to speak at the "Jordan Peterson Fireside" panel at 1:30 pm on Saturday, April 9.

Jordan Peterson, a controversial Canadian psychologist and author, is another headline speaker. He recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, amassing millions of views from their four-hour conversation.

The eloquently spoken podcast host is a crypto investor and has interviewed several bitcoin enthusiasts on his show.

When can we hear Dave Portnoy's crypto Chat?

Dave Portnoy is due to speak at the "Bitcoin Is F*ck You Money" panel at 3pm on Thursday, April 7.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is never one to shy away from a controversial topic, and despite previously slating digital currencies as a Ponzi scheme, he's become quite the investor. 

Portnoy claims to have invested over a million dollars in bitcoin.

When can we hear Peter Thiel’s Bitcoin 2022 talk?

Peter Thiel, the divisive tech billionaire, conservative political donor, and PayPal co-founder is sure to be another popular speaker at Bitcoin 2022.

Thiel is due to speak at the "Peter Thiel Keynote" at 1:30pm on Thursday, April 7.

Will Bitcoin 2022 Boost Crypto Prices?

Although the bitcoin price is down again at the time of writing many analysts believe the Miami conference will send it rallying again.

Francis Suarez, Miami’s crypto-loving mayor, can't wait for the event to begin and believes cryptocurrency has steered innovation and driven success throughout the city.

Mayor Suarez said:

We are going to have 50,000 attendees, and it’s going to be an economic development boom for our city, creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic incentives for our city.

With over 370 speakers, the Bitcoin 2022 lineup is outstanding!

Some more impressive and obscure names include Matt Odell, Yeonmi Park, Jack Mallers, Eric Weinstein, Francis Ngannou, Prince Philip of Serbia, and Cathie Wood.


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