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Ohio utility that paid federal penalty says it's now being investigated by a state commission

A utility company in Ohio says it's being investigated by a state office focused on organized crime in connection with payments to the state’s...

The US is concerned with blacklisted Chinese firm's hand in island-building near its Manila embassy

The United States has expressed concerns over major land reclamation projects in Manila Bay, where its heavily secured embassy sits on one edge

The first generation of solar panels will wear out. A recycling industry is taking shape

The largest solar panel recycling plant in North America has opened in Yuma, Arizona, just as the flow of used and spent solar panels sharply ramps up

'It was like a heartbeat': Residents at a loss after newspaper shutters in declining coal county

Months after the last newspaper closed in a declining coal community in West Virginia, residents say they are already experiencing challenges...

Unexplained outage at Chase Bank leads to interruptions at Zelle payment network

An unexplained outage at Chase Bank has led to interruptions for users of the Zelle payment network, who took to social media to complain

Arizona woman's heat death after her power was cut off spurred changes, but advocates want more

The death of an older Arizona woman when her electricity was cut during a heat spell five years ago spurred changes in shutoff rules

New rules for oil and gas leasing raise rates energy companies pay to drill on public lands

The Biden administration is proposing new rules for the nation’s oil and gas leasing program to raise costs for energy companies to drill on public...

Little-known but efficient, a different way to heat and cool your house

More than one third of all U.S. energy consumption, and thus a significant source of climate change, is from heating and cooling homes and buildings

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