Is Unicoin a Good Investment?

By Duncan Ferris


Is Unicoin a good investment? Unicoin is a unique smartcoin offering retail investors a chance to invest in private equity with asset-backed value, transparency, and huge media profile. Find out why Unicoin is the future of crypto investments and how you can get started today.

There are many cryptocurrency projects out there, but none of them are quite like Unicoin.

How many cryptocurrencies have their own TV show?

The influential leaders behind the Unicoin project say it can fight back against the issues that other major cryptos face. Issues like high volatility, high risk and a lack of asset-backed options. The currency is not a stablecoin either. Instead, it’s been branded a smartcoin.

So how does Unicoin work and what sets it apart from all the other cryptocurrencies on the market?

Reasons to Invest in Unicoin:

  • Get started for free: You can pick up your first 100 Unicoins for a grand total of $0!

  • Invest in private equity: The project gives retail investors access to pre-IPO investments.

  • Asset-backed: A crypto with tangible value could be less volatile than the likes of Bitcoin.

  • Huge media profile: Unicoin is promoted by major advertising campaigns and a TV show targeting 1 billion viewers.

  • Transparency: Unicorn Hunters gives viewers unprecedented information about how their money is invested.

  • Once again, it's free to get involved!

Unicoin Explained

Every investor probably wishes they had backed enormously expensive stocks like Amazon or Google when they were making their baby steps. Unicoin investment presents itself as a way for investors to do just that.

That’s because part of the money raised when investors purchase Unicoin goes into a venture capital fund. The fund invests this money in promising businesses at the pre-IPO stage, with the intention of funding the next unicorn.

We’re not talking mythical creatures here. If you don’t know what a unicorn is in business terms, it is a privately held business that grows to the point of being valued at more than $1bn. These are the businesses that Unicoin’s founders want to back.

This means that, unlike cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Unicoin is asset-backed and holds real intrinsic value. Its value is based on the growth of the companies in the project's equity portfolio.

What’s more, this venture capital fund will pay dividends to investors who hold Unicoin. It’s almost like the founders have decided to merge the concept of cryptocurrencies with stocks and exchange-traded funds.

The project’s founders think this will give Unicoin immunity from the extreme volatility that plagues other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s price has tanked by more than 60% across the year to date. Would that be different if its price were based on anything other than perceived value?

That’s the question that Unicoin is in a unique position to answer.

It’s also notable that the currency also provides retail investors with an opportunity to invest in businesses before they go public. This means it's an accessible way for people to capitalize on private equity, something which has traditionally been difficult for individual investors.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Unicoin is ahead of the game when it comes to regulation. The project is rare among crypto efforts in already voluntarily complying with securities laws from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

But there’s much more that sets Unicoin apart. That’s because it’s the only crypto project to have its own entertainment ecosystem. That’s where the Unicorn Hunters come into the story.

What is Unicorn Hunters?

Unicorn Hunters is the business series that gives Unicoin an unrivaled level of transparency, promotion, and appeal among cryptocurrencies.

It’s an Amazon Prime show following a panel of investment experts as they search for the next unicorn investment. These experts include Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple, Rosie Rios former Treasurer of the United States, and visionary entrepreneur Alex Konanykhin.

The show sees businesses pitch to the panelists, and the audience of millions, for investment.

This group of experienced investors is the team behind the Unicoin cryptocurrency. And the venture capital portfolio that backs the currency is invested in the best-performing businesses from the Unicorn Hunters show.

As such, investors in Unicoin will enjoy enormous transparency when it comes to how funds are invested. They will be able to watch each business pitch to the project leaders. Unicoin project leaders want the world to be watching and estimate that the 50 episodes of the show each year could be seen by 1 billion people.

The program is the flagship media offering of Unicoin but is only part of the package. The project’s education and entertainment ecosystem also includes the Money Talks series, financial analysis from Unicorn.News and training from the Unicorn Academy.

The project leaders are optimistic that the wide-ranging entertainment ecosystem and enormous branding budget will ensure Unicoin is a top crypto brand “by default”.

What’s Next for Unicoin?

The currency isn’t yet on crypto exchanges, but its debut is not far off. Unicoin has already attracted more than $300m in sales to individual and corporate investors. In total, more than 2 billion units have been purchased by investors from around the world.

It’s expected that the currency will be launched on exchanges in early 2023 after global awareness of the brand reaches a high level.

For investors wanting to get in the door before Unicoin hits exchanges, the minimum purchase price of Unicoins is $1,000 via the website, with a 50% discount applicable to purchases over $25,000. However, you can also pick up 100 Unicoins for free, with no strings attached!

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