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S&P 500: Time for a short inception? ($SPY $SPX)

Consider shorting the S&P 500 cautiously. Understand economic indicators, corporate earnings, and market sentiment for potential gains and losses.

Norfolk Southern changes policy on overheated bearings, months after Ohio derailment

A minor coal train derailment in Virginia in early July prompted Norfolk Southern to rethink the way it responds to problems with overheating bearings

3 US Marines died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a car. Vehicle experts explain how that can happen

The deaths of three U.S. Marines who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in a parked car at a North Carolina gas station have raised questions about...

GM recalls nearly 900 vehicles with Takata air bag inflators, blames manufacturing problem

General Motors is recalling nearly 900 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada with Takata air bag inflators that could explode and hurl shrapnel in a crash

Michigan court affirms critical benefits for thousands badly hurt in car wrecks

The Michigan Supreme Court is out with a decision that provides critical relief for thousands of people who were badly injured in car wrecks

Members of Congress break for August with no clear path to avoiding a shutdown this fall

Lawmakers broke for their August recess this week with many worried about whether they can avoid a partial government shutdown upon their return

Montana train derailment report renews calls for automated systems to detect track problems

The NTSB is renewing its calls for major freight railroads to equip every locomotive with automated track inspection devices that it believes could...

The backup driver in the 1st death by a fully autonomous car pleads guilty to endangerment

The backup Uber driver involved in the first death involving a fully autonomous vehicle has pleaded guilty to endangerment

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