KoBold Metals Unearths Massive Copper Deposit in Zambia

By Richard Mason


KoBold Metals is pioneering AI-driven mining in the quest for valuable copper and green energy resources.

Copper wire raw materials and metals industry and stock market KoBold.
AI-Powered Mining Startup Discovers Rich Copper Reserve

What You Need To Know

KoBold Metals, a pioneering mining startup, has made a significant stride in its exploration efforts, uncovering a vast copper deposit in Zambia.

This San Francisco Bay Area-based company, backed by influential investors including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos through Breakthrough Energy Ventures, T. Rowe Price Group Inc., Bond Capital, Andreesen Horowitz, and Equinor ASA, utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to streamline its search for critical green-energy materials.

For over a year, KoBold has been conducting intensive drilling operations at its Zambian site, Mingomba, which is now recognized as an extraordinary copper reserve.

KoBold's President, Josh Goldman, sees Mingomba's potential as akin to that of the prolific Kakula mine, highlighting its considerable size and high-grade copper content.

Despite the ambitious vision, KoBold faces a complex path ahead. Before it can commence production, anticipated in the early next decade, the company must update its resource estimates and complete detailed feasibility studies. These steps are crucial for determining the viability of constructing a mining facility, a venture estimated to cost around $2 billion.

KoBold's innovative approach extends to the use of AI for optimizing data analysis from its drilling activities, enhancing the exploration process for valuable resources like copper and cobalt.

Amid a backdrop of fluctuating market prices for battery metals, KoBold maintains a strategic focus on the long-term, prioritizing the value of these commodities in the coming decades over immediate price trends.

This discovery is timely, as the mining industry forecasts a surge in copper demand, fueled by the global green energy transition and the growing need for metals in technologies like wind and solar farms, high voltage cables, and electric vehicles.

Mingomba, the flagship project in KoBold's extensive portfolio, promises to be a game-changer for the company and Zambia, aiming to bolster the nation's status as a leading copper producer and significantly contribute to its ambitious production goals.

Why This Is Important for Retail Investors

  1. Investment Opportunity: KoBold Metals is privately owned, so it doesn't have a public stock price. Therefore retail investors cannot currently invest in KoBold Metals.

  2. Green Energy Demand: With the global push toward green energy solutions, the demand for metals like copper is on the rise. A big discovery reduces the risk of running out of this resource.

  3. Diversification: Investing in mining companies can diversify a retail investor's portfolio, reducing risk by spreading investments across various sectors and asset classes.

  4. Long-Term Growth: KoBold's emphasis on the long-term value of commodities makes it an attractive company to keep an eye on for a potential IPO.

  5. Economic Impact: KoBold's success could have a positive impact on Zambia's economy, potentially driving the nation's copper production higher.

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