Pineapple Financial Sets $4 Share Price for PAPL IPO

By Patricia Miller


Pineapple Financial reveals PAPL IPO details, aiming for $3.5M in gross proceeds. The tech-centric mortgage firm will use funds for tech upgrades and North American expansion.

Pineapple Financial to Begin Trading Under Ticker PAPL

What You Need To Know

Pineapple Financial Inc., a leading Canadian tech-centric mortgage brokerage, has announced the details of its initial public offering (IPO). The company plans to offer 875,000 common shares at a price of US$4.00 each, aiming to commence trading on the NYSE American Exchange on November 1, 2023, under the ticker symbol "PAPL."

It anticipates gross proceeds of US$3.5 million, before accounting for underwriting discounts and other expenses. Underwriters also have a 45-day option to acquire an additional 131,250 common shares.

The IPO is slated to close on November 3, subject to standard closing conditions. Pineapple Financial intends to use the capital to enhance its technology, develop its insurance subsidiary, expand its operations in Canada and North America, and for working capital and other corporate needs. EF Hutton, a division of Benchmark Investments, is the sole book-running manager for the offering, while Dominari Securities acts as the co-manager.

Pineapple Financial distinguishes itself in the Canadian mortgage market by leveraging advanced cloud and AI technologies. It operates a large network of approximately 600 brokers, focusing on the long-term success of its agents and the satisfaction of homeowners.

Pineapple Financial Inc (NYSE American: PAPL)

Pineapple Financial Inc. is set to make its debut on the NYSE American Exchange under the ticker symbol "PAPL" on November 1, 2023. The company has priced its initial public offering at US$4.00 per common share, offering a total of 875,000 shares.

What Does Pineapple Financial Inc. Do?

Pineapple Financial Inc. serves as a trailblazer in the Canadian mortgage industry. Unlike traditional brokerages, it merges technology with financial services to revolutionize the home-buying experience.

With a robust network of approximately 600 brokers across Canada, Pineapple Financial uses cloud-based tools and artificial intelligence systems to optimize its services. The focus is not just on transactional activities but also on creating a fulfilling and efficient experience for both brokers and homeowners.

Who is Leading the PAPL IPO?

The IPO for Pineapple Financial is being managed by EF Hutton, a division of Benchmark Investments. EF Hutton takes on the role of the sole book-running manager. Additionally, Dominari Securities LLC is participating as a co-manager for the offering.

Legal guidance for the IPO comes from Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP for Pineapple Financial and Lucosky Brookman LLP for the underwriters.

Use of PAPL IPO Proceeds

The proceeds from the IPO are earmarked for various strategic initiatives.

Pineapple Financial plans to invest in technology enhancements and the development of its subsidiary, Pineapple Insurance Inc. Further, the company aims to expand its footprint in both the Canadian and North American markets.

The remaining funds will be allocated for working capital and other general corporate purposes, setting the stage for Pineapple Financial's next phase of growth.

What Retail Investors Need to Know

Opportunity for Early Entry

  • For retail investors, the IPO provides an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a tech-savvy mortgage brokerage with growth potential.

Diversification of Portfolio

  • Investing in Pineapple Financial's IPO allows retail investors to diversify their portfolios by adding a unique blend of technology and financial services. This may prove interesting for those who are looking to balance their investment assets in a market often dominated by tech giants and traditional financial institutions.

Access to a Growing Market

  • Pineapple Financial has its roots in the Canadian mortgage industry but plans to extend its reach to North America. For retail investors, this expansion plan signifies potential for growth and increased market share.

Strategic Use of Proceeds

  • The company has outlined a clear strategy for the use of the IPO proceeds, which includes technology upgrades, expansion into new markets, and development of a subsidiary.

However, this is a very small company so the shares are unlikely to offer much liquidity. This makes it a high-risk investment.

How Can You Use This Information?

When considering an investment in the PAPL IPO, the following strategies and angles could be explored:

Short-Term Potential

Investors might be interested in flipping shares shortly after the IPO, capitalizing on the initial excitement and possible price surge. However, it's essential to be cautious, as IPOs can be volatile and share prices often fall lower, as demonstrated by the recent sharp declines in Birkenstock (NYSE: BIRK), Instacart (NASDAQ: CART), and Arm Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: ARM) since their recent IPOs.

Long-Term Growth

Given Pineapple Financial's tech-centric approach and focus on scaling its operations, long-term investors could see potential for growth. The company's plans to invest in technology and expand geographically may pay off in the long run.


For those looking to diversify their portfolio, particularly with a blend of technology and financial services, Pineapple Financial presents an interesting option. Its unique business model that combines tech with mortgage brokerage could offer a good diversification point.

Speculative Play

Investors who have a higher risk tolerance might view Pineapple Financial as a speculative opportunity. The company is in a growing industry and aims to disrupt traditional models with its technology.

Insurance Subsidiary Development

Since part of the IPO proceeds will go towards developing Pineapple Insurance Inc., investors interested in the insurance sector might find this to be an attractive angle for investment.

Market Expansion

Pineapple Financial's plans to expand its business across North America could present an opportunity for investors bullish on the broader North American financial services market.

Risks to Investing at IPO

Pineapple Financial operates in the highly competitive mortgage brokerage sector. Tech-savvy competitors could potentially outpace or outperform it, affecting its market share and profitability.

Furthermore, the mortgage industry faces significant regulations that could change, imposing additional compliance costs or limiting the company's business activities.

Investors eyeing Pineapple Financial's IPO should be cautious about liquidity risks. The company is new to the public market, lacking an established trading history, and is offering a limited number of shares.

Factors like lock-up periods, the option for underwriters to purchase additional shares, and market-specific risks could impact how easily shares can be bought or sold. Additionally, economic conditions and investor sentiment could contribute to volatility and liquidity constraints.

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