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Steve Wozniak's involvement in the tech industry makes him an interesting figure to watch. Woz is a high-net-worth individual involved in a variety of investments.

An early version of the Apple computer mouse with Woz signature on it and Apple icon.
Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak, also known as "Woz," is a well-known figure in the technology industry. He co-founded Apple Computer, Inc. with Steve Jobs. He was instrumental in developing the Apple I and Apple II computers, some of the first personal computers on the market. These early successes helped to establish Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) as a significant player in the personal computer industry, and Wozniak's contributions were crucial to the company's early growth.

In addition to his work at Apple, Wozniak has also been involved with several other technology companies and projects. He was an early investor and served on the board of directors of the video game company Atari and co-founded the computer game company Claris. Wozniak has also worked on several other projects and ventures over the years, including developing a universal remote control and creating a music festival called the US Festival.

Wozniak's involvement with these various companies and projects has not always resulted in financial success. However, his track record as a pioneering engineer and his continued participation in the technology industry makes him a fascinating figure to watch.

Additionally, his early involvement with Apple and his role in developing the company's first personal computers continue to make him a significant figure in the history of the personal computer industry.

Is Steve Wozniak an Investor?

Yes, Steve Wozniak has been involved in several investments over the years. He was an early investor in the video game company Atari and co-founded the computer game company Claris.

It is unlikely that all of Wozniak's investments are common knowledge. He may be involved in other investment activities that are not widely known.

In a recent interview, Wozniak said:

The most important thing, the CEO’s job, is to keep the money coming in and adjust the company and all of that.

But the next most important is creativity and innovation. Inventors are not the same as engineers. Inventors will get an idea, run a random lab test, test it out, see if it works and bring new things to life that didn’t exist before.

you want to be the disrupter, not the disrupted.

How Many Stocks and Shares Does Wozniak Own?

According to Forbes, Steve Wozniak has invested part of his wealth in the stock market, which allows him to earn a steady income each year.

Wozniak owns stocks in over 15 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Some of the companies in his investment portfolio include Citigroup (NYSE: C), Ford Motor (NYSE: F), Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), Boeing (NYSE: BA), Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Nike (NYSE: NKE), Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), and Walmart (NYSE: WMT).

These investments help to diversify Wozniak's financial holdings and provide him with a regular source of income.

Steve Wozniak Apple Shares

As an Apple co-founder, we would expect Steve Wozniak to still own shares in Apple and it seems he does but his stake is likely to be quite small.​​ 

Unlike his late business partner, Steve Jobs, whose net worth soared into the billions, Wozniak's financial standing took a different trajectory. He sold most of his Apple shares early on and focused on various other ventures, including teaching and philanthropy.

In the early days, as Apple began to raise capital from investors, both Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs owned the same amount of the company, with 8.3 million shares each. But soon, Wozniak started selling his shares with around 1.2 million believed to have been given to his former wife when they separated. By the time Apple was ready to go public, Jobs owned 15% of the company, while Wozniak owned only about 8%. 

Wozniak's ownership of Apple shares reflects his continued involvement with the company and ongoing interest in its success.

It is unclear how many shares Wozniak currently owns, but as a shareholder, he has a financial stake in the company's performance. 

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs held significant shares in Apple until his passing, leading to a net worth estimated to be around $10.2 billion in 2011. As for the current state of Apple, Steve Jobs no longer owns shares, given his passing in 2011.

What is Steve Wozniak's Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Steve Wozniak’s net worth is $140m, making him one of the wealthiest people in the tech industry. This wealth is primarily derived from his early involvement with Apple and his continued ownership of shares in the company. However, Wozniak's net worth has reportedly declined in recent years due to his philanthropic activities.

Overall, Wozniak's wealth comprises assets and investments, including his ownership of Apple shares.

Does Woz Like Crypto?

Steve Wozniak does not shy away from investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Unicoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be stable and pay dividends. It aims to reduce the risks and volatility of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, by being backed by assets like equity in emerging growth companies and other assets.

Unicoin launched its presale in February 2022 and plans to launch on major crypto exchanges in 2023. It has received attention as the official cryptocurrency of the Unicorn Hunters show, featuring business leaders and policymakers such as Steve Wozniak.

Is Unicoin a Good Investment?

Woz also co-founded a company called Efforce, which is a platform that uses cryptocurrency to promote energy efficiency. The company was founded in 2018 and has a team of 40 people, with an office in Malta but primarily working remotely.

Efforce is part of a trend of companies using digital currencies to encourage environmentally-friendly behavior. These companies include KlimaDAO and Toucan, which work on putting carbon credits on the blockchain, and SolarCoin, which incentivizes the construction of solar power plants.

Wozniak's energy-saving crypto token WOZX is concerned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The WOZX token is an Ethereum-based token used on the EFFORCE trading platform to promote energy efficiency and save energy costs.

Steve Wozniak Car Purchases

Steve Wozniak has recently made a significant purchase in the luxury car market. Wozniak has reportedly purchased a Bugatti Divo for $7m, adding to his collection of high-end vehicles. He also owns a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which cost him $1m, and several other luxury cars, including an Alfa Romeo Giulia, a Ferrari Portofino, and a Lexus GX.

Wozniak's purchase of the Bugatti Divo is significant because it shows his continued wealth and willingness to invest in luxury assets.

As an investor, it is worth keeping an eye on Wozniak's spending and investment habits, as they may provide insight into his financial strategies and future plans.

The luxury car market is also an interesting and potentially lucrative area for investors.

Steve Wozniak’s House

Steve Wozniak lives in a large, luxurious house in San Jose, California. The house is approximately 12,200 square feet and is reported to have cost Wozniak around $19m.

Wozniak's home is known for its minimalist design, with a dominant color scheme of white. It is considered to be a luxurious and impressive residence.

How Old is Woz?

Steve Wozniak was born in 1950 and is 73 years old.

Does Steve Wozniak Have a Wife and Family?

Yes, Steve Wozniak’s wife is currently Janet Hill. They married in 2008. 

He has been married three times before, to Suzanne Mulkern from 1990 to 2004, Candice Clark from 1981 to 1987, and Alice Robertson from 1976 to 1980. He has several children from his previous marriages.

Steve has been open about his family life and has discussed his relationships in interviews and public appearances.

Wozniak Name Meaning and Origin

When it comes to his unusual surname, people often struggle to spell it correctly, so he is sometimes referred to as "Steve Wozniak," “Steve Bosniak,” or "Steve Wosniak."

The name "Wozniak" has roots in Polish, Ukrainian, and Jewish cultures. In Polish, it comes from the term "woźny," which means a city official or beadle. The name can also mean "carrier" or "driver," relating to the act of carrying goods. So, if someone has the last name, Wozniak, it could suggest that their ancestors were either city officials or people involved in transportation like carters or coachmen.

Why Did Steve Wozniak Leave Apple?

Steve Wozniak left Apple because he felt he was not being given the credit and recognition he deserved for his work on the Apple II, one of the first personal computers on the market. Wozniak was instrumental in developing the Apple II and felt he was not being adequately recognized for his contributions to the company. This lack of respect and recognition ultimately led to his decision to leave Apple.

Steve Wozniak Book

In "I, Woz," Steve Wozniak steps out of the shadows after 25 years to share his journey with Apple Computer. The book offers a look into his inventive yet ethical mindset that led to the creation of the Macintosh.

In his book, Wozniak recounts how his curiosity and determination drove him to build the first Apple computer in June 1975. Within six months, he sold the machine, setting him on a path to success.

However, the narrative doesn't just focus on triumphs; it also delves into life lessons, pivotal choices, and significant errors. Wozniak also opens up about his early years, playful pranks involving phone hacking, his time at Hewlett-Packard, a transformative plane crash, and his experience in teaching.

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Read On For Some of Steve Wozniak's Latest Activities

What Is Woz ED?

WOZ ED is an education company that focuses on preparing students for jobs in the technology sector. Its programs focus on ensuring students are ready for in-demand tech jobs and give them a chance to work on real projects to help them figure out what type of work they enjoy and excel at. 

Last year, Draganfly signed an agreement to become the exclusive supplier of drones for Woz ED, the education company founded by Steve Wozniak. This agreement allows Draganfly to provide drones for Woz ED's educational programs and initiatives.

Steve Wozniak Joins Air

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has joined marketing startup Air as an advisor. Air is a creative operations platform that aims to streamline the marketing process by providing a single platform for managing campaigns and assets. The platform allows for the approval of assets, feedback, and customization of workflows and is currently being used by several major companies, including P&G, Google, and Lemonade.

Air is a relatively new startup founded in 2017, but it is already making waves in the marketing space. Plans for the platform start at $0 per month, making it accessible to small businesses and sole proprietors.

Crowdsourcing Satellite and Space Junk Tracking 

Privateer is the latest venture founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, professor Dr. Moriba Jah at the University of Texas, Austin, and Ripcord CEO Alex Fielding.

Privateer Space and Celestron have partnered to allow Celestron telescope owners to track the thousands of human-made objects in Earth's orbit. Privateer will use the data collected to provide more accurate locations of objects in space and share that information through the Wayfinder platform. Celestron users can use their telescopes to help track objects in space, improving their understanding of their location. This partnership will also enhance the accuracy of Privateer's Wayfinder platform, which shows satellites and debris in Earth's orbit.

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