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Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. It focused on developing innovative anti-inflammatory therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The company's lead product consist CardiolRx(TM). Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. is based in Oakville, ON.

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Management Team

Cardiol’s comprehensive team has all the bases covered. It includes exceptional management, an impressive and independent Board of Directors, and renowned Scientific and Business Advisors.

David Elsley, MBA

President and CEO

In 1990, Mr. Elsley founded Vasogen Inc., a biotech company developing novel therapeutics to treat heart failure and other inflammatory conditions. Mr. Elsley managed Vasogen’s growth and established the R&D infrastructure, partnerships, manufacturing capability, and corporate quality systems necessary to advance two anti-inflammatory therapies to pivotal Phase III clinical trials involving 2,500 patients.

Dr. Guillermo Torre-Aminone, MD, PhD


Dr. Torre-Amione serves as Cardiol’s Chair of the Board. He is an esteemed gentleman with highly impressive credentials and experience. Board-certified in cardiovascular disease and Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant Cardiology, Dr. Guillermo Torre-Amione is Professor of Cardiology at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston, Professor of Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York, and President of TecSalud, an academic medical center and medical school in Mexico.

Jennifer M. Chao, BA


The most recently appointed Board member and Wall Street veteran, Ms. Chao, has over 25 years of experience in the biotech and life sciences, focusing primarily on finance and corporate strategy.

Colin G. Stott, BSc (Hons)


Mr. Stott is a world-leading pharmacologist in cannabidiol treatments. He is a former Director for GW Pharma and veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, having almost 30 years of experience in pre-clinical and clinical development.

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