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Graphex Group is a volume producer of spherical Graphite for Li-Ion battery anodes and provides professional services to the renewable energy sector.

Its Graphene Division manufactures 10,000 metric tonnes/pa of purified spherical graphite used for Li-Ion battery anodes in electric vehicles. Graphex also develop graphene applications and provide technology for producing coated spherical graphite.

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Investor Summary

Reasons to consider investing in Graphex Group Limited:

  • Proven Production Process

    Graphex Group has been perfecting its graphene refinement processes since 2008 and conducting high-quality commercial production since 2013.

  • Ready to Scale

    Graphex is experienced in processing purified spherical graphite and is ready to scale rapidly to meet soaring demand.

  • Global Expansion

    Graphex is expanding into western markets via the US and Europe, creating new jobs and placing itself at the heart of the Gigafactory action.

  • Expert Knowledge

    The team’s decades of expertise and research in the anode material field leave Graphex superbly placed as a thought leader.

  • Strong Leadership Team

    A committed team of industry specialists heads up the group with years of experience between them.

  • Ride the EV Wave

    This is a chance to capitalise on the surging popularity of EVs, with anode material being an essential component of these wildly popular vehicles.

Management Team

Mr. Andross Yick Yan Chan

Chief Executive

Mr. Chan has been the company CEO and an executive director of the group since 2013. Yet, he first joined the Group in January 1991 as Managing Director. His commitment is unwavering, and Mr. Chan has over 34 years of experience in operations and management.

Mr. John DeMaio


Mr. DeMaio is the President of Graphex Group’s graphene division. He has over 35 years of experience in executive leadership and operational management in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Mr. DeMaio is responsible for expanding the graphite business into the US and Europe.

Mr. Dan Nye

Chief Strategy Officer

Dan Nye, CFA, has spent 20 years investing in and building technology businesses. From the US Navy to semiconductor robotics and investment fund management, he is very highly qualified for his role in making strategic decisions at Graphex.

Professor Liqun Luo

Head of Research

An expert in mineral processing, Prof. Luo is Head of Research for graphene technology. He has a doctoral degree in Engineering and Mineral Processing from the Wuhan University of Technology. He is currently a Professor and Senior Engineer at Wuhan University and visiting scholar at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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