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Defense Metals Corp. is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties with a focus on rare-earth elements that are used in the electric power market, defense industry, and the production of green energy technologies. These include rare earth magnets that are used in wind turbines and in permanent magnet motors for electric vehicles.

The company owns 100% of the Wicheeda Rare Earth Element Property located near Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

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815 Hornby Street
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V6Z 2E6
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+1 778 994-8072

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Management Team

Dr. Luisa Moreno, PhD

President & Director

Dr. Luisa Moreno has incredible industry insight into the state of play surrounding rare earths and arguably more credibility than anyone else in the space. She has visited and assessed several rare earths projects around the world and has in-depth technical and economic understanding of the rare earths space.

Dr. Moreno is a Physics Engineer, with experience as a leading analyst in rare earths. She has published several reports and articles for the investment community.

Currently, Dr. Moreno is part of the management teams of various critical metals companies, including the CEO of Graphano Energy Ltd (CVE: GEL), COO of Edison Lithium Corp. (CVE: EDDY) and Managing Director of Tahuti Global Inc. Dr. Moreno also works with government institutions tasked with mineral development, value addition and supply chain development.

John Goode, P.Eng.

Strategic Advisor

John Goode, P.Eng. is an advisor to Defense Metals with an exceptionally relevant background. Goode is internationally recognized as a rare earth element processing expert.

Recently John worked as a special consultant to SRK Canada Inc. During this time, he provided design and capital and operating expenditure estimates for metallurgical processes in Defense Metals’ recent optimistic Wicheeda REE PEA. He was so impressed with the potential of this project he has now become a strategic advisor to the company. 

Mr. Goode has been responsible for the design, monitoring, and interpretation of several programs of beneficiation and hydrometallurgical test work, engineering and economic evaluations of new and existing processing operations for the recovery of rare earth element (REE), gold, base metals, uranium, and other elements from ore and other sources.

William H. Bird


Dr. William H. Bird, PGeo, has a unique combination of business credentials and mineral-industry expertise. He served as CEO of two publicly traded rare-earth companies and has solid academic and research experience. As a consultant and company executive, he managed industrial, ferrous, precious, minor, and base metals projects.

Recently, Dr. Bird has focused on developing low-cost, long-term supplies of rare-earth elements.

Mr. Karl T. Wagner

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Wagner brings over 31 years of global experience to Defense Metals. He advises Defense Metals on government relations and business development opportunities worldwide. 

Mr. Wagner previously served as a Senior Director, at Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and as Chief of Counter-Intelligence Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His familiarity in working with high-level government and military personnel, as well as corporate and technology executives, provides an enormous advantage for Defense Metals.

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