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Andrew Frangos Chairman Of Mx Oil Talks Shop

Doc’s Chat With Andrew Frangos

After endless requests to catch up with Mx Oil I managed to catch the chairman on the hop, Andrew was keen to point out that he was eager to keep shareholders abreast of all new developments but for obvious reason there were just a few points the chairman couldn’t detail. However on reflection it became apparent that furnishing institutional sized assets into a small E&P company was a pretty mean feet and actually wasn’t to far away (As of Friday 19/06/15) the testament of time will truly tell but I get the feeling changes are afoot.

  • Non Mexican Assets 95% complete, due before end of the month
  • Introduction of a diverse / balanced E&P portfolio from NM assets
  • Firm focus on Mexico which is very much on-track and a primary aim
  • The company looks to grow and mature with near term news/deal flow


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