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EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Open Orphan to discuss its ambitious plans for high growth in the pharma services market (ORPH)

29 Oct 2019 | by: James Moore

Following its reverse takeover of Venn Life Sciences, Open Orphan (LSE:ORPH) came to market in June 2019 to consolidate pharma services companies through acquisitions. The firm’s goal is to cross-sell its Virtual Rep and Genomic Health Data platforms to maximise returns for investors. In an exclusive ValueTheMarkets.com webinar on Wednesday, Open Orphan director Maurice Tracey will discuss the business’’s ambitious growth plans with Ben Turney.

Open Orphan is embarking on a rapid revenue growth strategy, acquiring high-margin smaller consultancies for between 1x-1.5x sales, allowing it to take advantage of valuation arbitrage. For context, most large pharma services companies that are generating €50m+ in revenues are valued at 2x to 3x sales.

There is already a fast-growing market for orphan drugs, with the sector benefitting from political support targeting under-supplied treatment for specialist diseases. As it stands, there are around 30 million patients with rare orphan diseases across Europe.

Open Orphan’s Virtual Rep platform replaces the traditional and expensive sales representative, where traction with physicians is limited. Virtual Rep has a database of over 4,000 rare/orphan drug physicians and key opinion leaders. Not only is the tool cost-effective, but it offers multiple remote contact points for clients to engage with physicians in their own time.

Meanwhile, the company’s Genomic Health Data Platform is capturing highly valuable genetic data by providing a solution for both patients and drug organisations. Patient Advocacy Groups of patients with rare/orphan conditions are encouraged to contribute their medical/clinical data to assist medical researchers in developing new treatments.

Open Orphan’s COO Maurice Treacy take questions from shareholders and potential investors in the ValueTheMarkets-hosted shareholder webinar on Wednesday at 7pm (BST).  To attend, you can visit vtm.clickmeeting.com/orph or phone 44 (20) 7048 4146 and provide participant PIN 214883 followed by the # key.

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