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A strategic multi-state approach and a series of key acquisitions signal big things ahead for Red White & Bloom

12 Apr 2021 | by: Patricia Miller


Red White & Bloom’s core aim is as bold as it is simple…

To become one of the top three MJ operators in the US.

For a company that is still relativity small—and significantly undervalued compared to its competitors with a current market cap of under US$350 million at writing—this might seem highly ambitious.

But when you dig a little deeper, you soon realize that this firm has a habit of doing exactly what it says it’s going to do.

Its most recent acquisition is the latest in a long list of examples here.

You see, by taking over the premium MJ brand Platinum Vape, Red White & Bloom has not only acquired a wide range of products that are already sold into over 750 retailers across America…

But it also strengthens its position in two of the key states—Illinois, and Florida— in which it has been focusing much of its attention.

Bottom line is, with Platinum Vape’s annualized run rate coming in at close to $90 million last year, the purchase is just the latest move in a very sound strategic plan to help Red White & Bloom dominate America’s legal MJ market.

Laser-focused on where the money is

Red White & Bloom’s approach is to focus on core states while at the same time laying the groundwork for growth in a handful of other key areas.

So, where many multi-state operators take their chances and spread themselves too thinly, Red White & Bloom has instead looked at where the money is and set its sights accordingly.

Take Illinois as an example.

After just nine months of legalization, the state’s MJ market is already estimated to be worth around $1.25 billion, with some of the highest sales per dispensary of any US region.

Red White & Bloom is quickly establishing itself in the market with two key acquisitions already underway…

First, it has snapped up the world’s largest indoor hemp facility, which is based in Granville. Second, it is buying out CCP, a firm that holds the rights to acquire one of the 21 “super licenses” for MJ originally issued in Illinois.

Together, the acquisitions will give the firm an enormous foothold in Illinois once approved by regulators, and provide another huge boost to its revenue – up to US$250 million a year’s worth, in fact, by conservative estimates.

Meanwhile, there are exciting developments in Florida, too.

The Sunshine State boasts one of the most robust medical markets in the whole of the US, and, in 2020, saw MJ revenues of over $1.2 billion.

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Red White & Bloom intends to set up here through its recent acquisition of Acreage Florida, a company that is licensed to operate medical marijuana dispensaries, has its own processing facility, and even has a cultivation facility in the state, too.

In addition to this, the deal also includes fifteen acres of land and a 113,546 square foot facility for cultivation in Sanderson.

Then there’s Michigan.

Michigan was the fastest-growing MJ market in the US in 2020.

So, it makes sense then that Red White & Bloom would step in here…

And it really has stepped in.

Not only is Platinum the state’s leading vape brand, but Red White & Bloom started funding a large local licensed entity in Michigan about two years ago and is in the process of exercising its right to acquire the investee now.

Once that deal – which is already fully funded – is passed by regulators, it could effectively make Red White & Bloom one of the largest operators in the state. However, as it stands, this fact is not yet reflected in the organization’s P&L.

As you can already start to see, Red White & Bloom’s goal to become one of the top three MJ operators in the US is not just some pipe dream.

The company is taking bold and decisive steps to achieve its goal.

And there’s no wonder when you consider who is at the helm…

Brad Rogers’ latest venture could be his biggest yet


The super-smart strategic focus of Red White & Bloom makes a lot more sense when you know its chairman and CEO is Brad Rogers.

Before founding Red White & Bloom, Rogers enjoyed a number of significant successes in the MJ space.

For example, he was a co-founder of Mettrum Health, where he helped to build one of the first commercially-scaled production facilities for medicinal MJ. He ended up selling the company to MJ giant Canopy Growth for a massive $430 million.

From there, he went on to serve as the president of CannTrust—one of Canada’s largest producers—and, during his time in the position, the company’s stock rose a staggering 450%.

With his third major venture—Red White & Bloom—Rogers is looking to eclipse what he did at Mettrum and CannTrust and create a company that will dominate the US MJ space for years to come.

Indeed, as well as its current focus on Michigan, Illinois, and Florida, Rogers and his team have also started to lay the foundations for future growth in several other states…

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A clear path to future growth

Look again at the Platinum Vape deal from another angle and you really see just how smart it is…

You see, as well as giving a great boost to Red White & Bloom’s efforts in Michigan, Illinois, and Florida, the acquisition has also opened up immediate access to California and Oklahoma, where Platinum Vape is already flying off the shelves.

In fact, where California is concerned, Platinum Vape just recently teamed up with the delivery-as-a-service platform, Budee, too, which will enable it to deliver MJ products directly to the homes of 92% of people in the state.

Then there’s Arizona, where recreational MJ was legalized in November last year.

Red White & Bloom’s plan is to roll out the Platinum Vape brand across the state imminently, having recently got the nod from regulators.

This could be a huge move – Arizona’s MJ market is expected to reach around $2 billion when it matures. Another example of Rogers and his team moving where the money is.

Indeed, when you take the potential for future growth in California, Oklahoma, and Arizona together with the huge potential for revenue generation in Michigan, Illinois, and Florida…

You soon see just how undervalued Red White & Bloom is at its current market cap.

And that’s without even considering the recent branding agreement it struck with High Times, perhaps the most recognizable name in the US when it comes to MJ.

This deal alone—which will allow Red White & Bloom to leverage the High Times brand on its products and dispensaries—will strengthen its position in Michigan, Illinois and Florida even further.

There’s proof of this working already, as well: a recent sub-licensed roll out of an exclusive line of High Times-branded products by Red White & Bloom in Michigan sold out in a matter of hours.

So, make no mistake about it…

Red White & Bloom is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming one of the top three MJ operators in the US.

And, as a result, its stock is already rising.

In fact, it has more than doubled in value this year as investors flock into American MJ stocks en-masse following the recent Democratic election victory.

But with so many catalysts still yet to be fully realized—or reported in Red White & Bloom’s numbers—the biggest gains are surely yet to come.

When you see the clear strategic thinking…

When you see the excellent reach into a number of markets…

And when you see that the firm is being steered by a leader with proven success in the field…

Smart investors will be quick to move and get in before the mainstream catches on and this stock really takes off.

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