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Who is MCF Energy?

MCF Energy (TSXV: MCF) (OTCQX: MCFNF) (FRA: DC6) was established by a group of legendary energy entrepreneurs and explorers bringing capital and commitment to strengthening Europe’s energy security through domestic natural gas development. Key stakeholders of the company have previously created or led several billion-dollar energy ventures including in Europe. They are the leading technical, financial and operational minds to leverage this opportunity.

The company aims to offer energy security, but why is this such a key issue for Europe right now?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has severely impacted the natural gas supplies of European countries. This dire situation has caused real human suffering and cost the countries involved many hundreds of billions of dollars in cost-of-living subsidies and wholesale price regulations. One company on a mission to counteract this problem is MCF Energy, an exciting natural gas exploration stock with unique potential.

MCF Energy is focused on helping Europe transition to renewable energy sources by investing in high-quality gas assets, and it is already making progress. The company’s portfolio includes a 20% stake in a considerable gas prospect in Austria, which is set to be drill tested this year. Located close to a pipeline, independent estimates have shown that this asset could be a game-changer for the region.

MCF is also thrilled to have acquired an incredible German company that has spent the past decade building an extensive portfolio of promising gas projects in the country. By developing these assets, MCF could potentially help Europe reduce its reliance on imported natural gas, which is costly and comes with an avoidable carbon footprint. As Europe’s largest gas importer, Germany has a great need for energy, and MCF is proud to be playing a part in addressing this challenge.

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Energy Security

View of energy plant at dusk, with falling light the structures are lit by lights with dramatic sky  .

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has made affordable and uninterrupted energy sources impossible in Europe under current conditions. 

Of course, this has spurred the EU and European nations to be more motivated than ever to solidify their energy security.

Governments have been spending a fortune to stabilize the region, which has subsequently created an environment where governments and regulators are far more motivated to work with fossil fuel companies. 

Even if the war with Ukraine ends soon, the continent can no longer consider Russia to be a trusted energy partner, so alternative solutions are necessary, not on a temporary basis but permanently.

MCF Energy is proactively moving to ensure that Europe’s gas supply remains stable and uninterrupted. To do this, MCF is advancing responsible gas exploration in Austria, Germany and elsewhere in the European continent to confirm domestic supplies.

Ultimately, Russia has leveraged its gas supplies against its former allies, and the situation has led to unforeseen challenges for the Western continent. The rare opportunity lies in turning this situation around to contribute positively to Europe’s energy security. That’s why MCF Energy is taking on this much-needed project.

The company’s exploration efforts present a mutually beneficial relationship between its financial objectives and Europe’s long-term energy security.

Furthermore, natural gas prices in Europe are far higher than in North America, which presents a compelling opportunity for existing stakeholders and interested investors.

As you’ll discover, the people leading this company read like a who’s who of the most successful minds in the energy and mining industries. Each boasts an impressive track record of prior successes and brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to this exciting new venture.

View of energy plant at dusk, with falling light the structures are lit by lights with dramatic sky  .

Reasons to Invest

  • First-Mover Advantage

    MCF Energy is the first new public venture to consolidate large-scale gas prospects in Europe since the Ukraine war outbreak.

  • Commitment to Energy Security

    The company aims to become a leading energy provider in Europe, driving economic growth and promoting a more sustainable energy future for generations to come. It is also committed to exploring opportunities to support the renewable energy transition.

  • Strategic Assets and Growth Prospects

    MCF Energy has acquired large-scale top-tier Austrian and German prospects with a clear path to market. The company is also evaluating additional frontiers with huge expansion prospects.

  • Proven Track Record

    Leading MCF Energy is a renowned and accomplished leadership team with a strong track record in European energy and capital markets.

  • First-Rate Technical Team

    The company has assembled a highly skilled technical team with extensive experience and expertise in geosciences, geology, and operations to identify and develop lucrative European natural gas reserves.

  • Committed To Giving Back

    The company is committed to responsible corporate citizenship and delivering value to stakeholders.

Unlocking Europe’s Underexploited Resources

With foresight, MCF Energy recognized Europe’s heavy reliance on energy imports from Russia, which led it to neglect its own valuable resources. For decades, many promising projects and energy sources within European borders have been overlooked due to the convenience of Russian imports. But with heightened geopolitical tensions, the continent now has a pressing desire to strengthen its energy security by tapping into its local reserves.

These resources have been neglected in the past due to limited funding and a lack of enthusiasm from a Europe that has become increasingly focused on renewable energy.

Unfortunately, this short-sighted decision contributed to an energy crisis as the conflict in Ukraine began. Consequently, the recent shockwaves from this war have drastically shifted the landscape, making it critical for Europe to re-evaluate its energy sources.

Harnessing a Technical Advantage

After scouring a database of abandoned oil and gas fields in Europe, MCF’s technical experts have pinpointed several large-scale, potentially gas-rich assets.

Using cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, the team can zero in on the most lucrative locations to drill for natural gas resources. Thereby ensuring the company makes informed decisions and focuses its resources on the areas with the greatest potential for success.

The business is assisted in staying right at the cutting edge by Deborah Sacrey, an Advisor to MCF Energy, who is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence in oil and gas exploration with over 9 discoveries under her belt using multi-attribute neural analysis.

Additionally, the company’s use of remote sensing data enables the creation of a three-dimensional subsurface picture, which can help identify and assess potential energy sources more accurately. This technological innovation has increased success rates significantly, thereby significantly reducing the financial and operational risks associated with unsuccessful exploration and drilling efforts.

Also, advancements in computing power have greatly improved data readability, allowing for the identification of prospects that may have previously been missed by the naked eye.

Management Team

Undoubtedly, the company's strong belief in reaching its goals comes from its highly accomplished management team. Collectively they have an exceptional record of success in the European energy markets, providing powerful financial backing to the projects. Their in-depth industry knowledge, resilient leadership skills, and extensive experience provide a solid foundation for this company.

Past successes with companies such as InterOil, Bankers Petroleum, Lithium X, BNK Petroleum, K92 Mining, Goldcorp, and Hive Blockchain are a testament to their expertise and ability to achieve results. This impressive list of accomplishments is sure to ignite confidence in shareholders who are familiar with the sector, as it highlights the strength and experience of the MCF Energy team.

Logos for InterOil, Bankers Petroleum, Lithium X, BNK Petroleum, K92 Mining, Goldcorp, and Hive Blockchain

Key People

Here is a rundown of the key people in the management team at MCF Energy.

  • James Hill

    MCF Energy CEO & Director

    CEO James Hill led exploration for Bankers Petroleum, which grew European oil production by 2000% and achieved a peak market cap of $2.25 billion.

    He was also involved in increasing its largest heavy oil field by 40X. Hill is a professional geologist with over 40 years of technical and executive-level experience in petroleum and natural gas exploration and development.

  • Ford Nicholson

    MCF Energy Co-Founder

    Co-founder Ford Nicholson has helped create, manage, and sell several large energy companies, including Bankers Petroleum (co-founder), which was acquired in 2016 for $575 million, InterOil (Vice Chairman), acquired by ExxonMobil for US $2.5 billion in 2016, and Nations Energy (co-founder), which was acquired in 2006 for US $1.6 billion.
    Ford Nicholson and James Hill played key roles in the leadership of BNK Petroleum, which conducted explorations in six European countries and became Europe’s largest subsurface oil and gas rights holder in 2011.

  • General Wes Clark

    MCF Energy Director

    Wes Clark was the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe of NATO from 1997-2000. He is a former director of Bankers Petroleum and BNK Petroleum, both active in Europe.

    General Clark has received numerous honorary degrees and awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Silver Star, the Purple Heart and honorary knighthoods from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

  • Jay Park KC

    MCF Energy Executive Chairman and Director

    Executive Chairman Jay Park KC has advised governments and leading energy companies on asset deals globally for over 40 years.

    He is the founder of Park Energy Law, where his vast expertise in energy law and ability to connect global resources to capital and technology is highly sought after.

  • Frank Giustra

    MCF Energy Investor

    Frank Giustra, a prominent investor, has an impressive background as the founder and former CEO of Lionsgate Entertainment, a leading film and television production company.
    Additionally, he co-founded Wheaton River Minerals, which has since become Newmont Goldcorp, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies. Giustra is currently the CEO of the Fiore Group, a firm managing private equity investments and companies specializing in natural resources, entertainment, art, food, and lifestyle.
    Giustra has additional experience with mining, as well as oil and gas, through his work as chairman and adviser to merchant banking firm Endeavour Financial.
    With his extensive experience in the entertainment and mining industries, Giustra has a proven track record of success and unparalleled expertise. As a cornerstone investor, Giustra brings valuable insights and resources to any venture he supports, making him an instrumental asset to any company looking to achieve sustained growth and success.

  • Gordon Keep

    MCF Energy Advisor

    Gordon Keep co-founded Lithium X Energy with Frank Giustra, which NextView acquired for C$265 million just 30 months post-IPO in 2018.
    The pair also co-founded HIVE Blockchain, which became the first publicly traded cryptocurrency mining firm globally in 2017.
    Prior to that, they had great success as the co-founders and advisors to Newmont Goldcorp, the world’s most valuable gold miner, after a decade of growth in 2012.

  • Carson Seabolt

    MCF Energy Investor

    Carson Seabolt is an experienced generalist investor and entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge in finance strategies for both micro-cap private and public Canadian companies. His area of expertise lies in identifying undervalued situations in the market.
    Notably, he co-founded and purpose-built K92 Mining Corp, a successful mining company that approached a market cap of $2 billion in 2021 and received the prestigious PDAC Thayer Lindsley Award. This award recognizes a team credited with a significant mineral discovery.

  • Mario Vetro

    MCF Energy Investor

    Mario Vetro is another K92 Mining co-founder. He has an exceptional track record of providing strategic guidance and support to businesses in the energy and mining sectors, leveraging his expertise to help companies achieve their goals and realize sustained growth and success.

    With his vast experience and knowledge, Mario Vetro is a valuable asset to any organization looking to navigate the complexities of the resource and special situations industries.

  • Richard Wadsworth

    MCF Energy Director

    Richard Wadsworth is a petroleum engineer with over 30 years of international experience in operations and management. As a co-founder, director, and President of Bankers Petroleum, he has played a significant role in the company. Recently, Mr. Wadsworth led the development of a 55,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) oilfield in Iraq, with plans to expand it to 230,000 bopd.

  • Jeffrey Harder

    MCF Energy Director

    Jeffrey Harder, FCPA, FCA, FCBV, ICD.D Director, has over 40 years of experience in the natural resources sector. He has held numerous leadership positions at Deloitte Canada, such as Office Managing Partner, Canada Business Leader, Americas Business Leader, Global Executive Committee Member, and Board of Directors Member.

  • Aaron Triplett

    MCF Energy Chief Financial Officer

    Aaron Triplett is a seasoned financial professional. As a Chartered Accountant (2008) and Chartered Professional Accountant (2015), he has primarily focused on the natural resources industry. Mr. Triplett has previously held the position of CFO at companies such as Hillcrest Energy and Angkor Gold, where he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of their financial operations.

Renowned Technical Advisors

  • Deborah Sacrey

    MCF Energy Advisor

    Deborah is an experienced geologist/geophysicist with 45 years of experience in oil and gas exploration in the Gulf Coast and Mid-Continent regions of the US. She specializes in 2D and 3D interpretation for clients both in the US and abroad. In recent years, she has focused on the multi-attribute neural analysis of seismic data using Paradise software under the guidance of Dr. Tom Smith. Deborah has contributed to 5 discoveries for clients using this technology.

    Ritchie Wayland

    MCF Energy Advisor

    Ritchie has held management and operational positions in both major and junior oil and gas companies. He has broad commercial experience in asset sales and purchases, farm in/out deals, gas sales agreements, joint operating agreements and production sharing agreements, as well as technical input to arbitration and litigation cases. Ritchie has managed E&P projects and production assets for international and independent oil companies in Central Europe, West Africa, and the UK North Sea.

  • Mark Enfield

    MCF Energy Advisor

    Mark is a technical innovator in the oil and gas industry with over 30 years of experience in exploration, appraisal, development, and new ventures, including operating experience.

    He has worked extensively with both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon projects across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Mark holds a PhD in Structural Geology and Extensional Tectonics from Imperial College.

    John Gaffney

    MCF Energy Advisor

    John is a former Business Development Manager and Regional Director for Gaffney, Cline & Associates, an international petroleum consultancy with over 55 years of experience. He joined GaffneyCline in 2004, initially serving in the UK and later in Singapore. From 2009-2014, he was the Regional Director for Asia Pacific, before returning to the UK to become the Regional Director for Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Russia Caspian region.

Germany: Significant Acquisition and Confirmed Gas

MCF Energy is making substantial moves in Germany. Here, the company has concluded its acquisition of Genexco Gmbh, which means it is now positioned as a powerful player in natural gas exploration in Germany, with 100% ownership of four licenses for natural gas exploration and development projects. The acquisition also includes a proprietary database for 10 additional project areas and consideration tied to the success of significant projects under application. 

Through Genexco, MCF plans to develop the Rotliegend Reudnitz gas field, a large and confirmed deposit of natural gas. The gas presence is evidenced by three previously drilled wells. Additionally, a fourth well drilled below the gas-water interface provides added proof that the size and structure of the gas accumulation are notably significant.

Rotliegend Reudnitz gas field survey mapEnergy business experts Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GaffneyCline) backed this view up when it reported to MCF Energy an estimated 118.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas for extraction. These reserves are non-calorific, potentially diluting the hydrocarbons’ concentration, with nitrogen also present. This is common throughout the region.

The reserve report also shows gas content with 0.2% helium. This will potentially enhance the overall value of the natural gas reserve because helium is another highly valuable and scarce commodity. Given that the technology to extract nitrogen and helium from the gas field is well established, the experts involved have done their sums and believe the forecasted economics of this project to be very appealing. GaffneyCline estimates over 1 billion cubic feet of helium in the reservoir.

During the initial drilling activity, Genexco found 19 meters of oil-stained Zechstein carbonate. This is another positive sign for the project. Indeed, the oil-staining is significant as the Zechstein is also a highly productive expanse of oil production right next door in Poland. And here at Genexco’s prospect, GaffneyCline report shows the potential for highly lucrative oil reserves of around 4.4 million barrels that can be added to the reserves already documented at Reudnitz. This presents yet another exceptional hydrocarbon opportunity for investors in the company to anticipate.

The combination of existing wells, test data confirming gas flow, designs for separation plans, nearby pipeline infrastructure, and a very strong market with favorable prices all contribute to MCF Energy forging ahead with the Rotliegend Reudnitz gas field.

The company believes this project will see it begin to fill the large void in Europe's energy security at a time of greatest need. But it’s not the only major project MCF’s exceptional team of energy leaders has going on…

Austria: Giant Welchau Gas Prospect


Austria’s Vienna Basin is renowned for its bountiful oil and gas fields, but for decades Austrian oil and gas projects were starved of investment as cheap Russian gas flooded the market. MCF Energy is ready to change this with funds readily available and the technical expertise to cherry-pick projects with the greatest potential for success.

The company has teamed up with ADX Energy (ASX: ADX), a Europe-focused energy producer, staking its claim on a massive geological structure – an anticline.

Way back in the 1900s, anticlines were the go-to drill area for oil and gas prospectors, as they held precious resources. Fast forward to the 1980s, and prospectors struck a gas-rich patch in Austria’s giant Welchau anticline. Here, they tested the Molln-1 well, which unveiled a gas column of at least 400m thick and tested condensate-rich, pipeline-quality gas at a maximum flow rate of 3.5 million cubic feet per day (mmcfpd).

And now MCF Energy is getting set to explore for natural gas at its Giant Welchau prospect near the Austrian Alps.

What excites MCF Energy is that the Molln-1 well serves as undeniable proof that there’s gas in the area. Better still, the well test pinpointed a trap, a reservoir and a seal, the holy trinity for oil and gas production.


Pressure transient analysis and additional data reveal an enormous structure, potentially 100 square km in size. Indeed, potential reserves back from a study carried out by GaffneyCline point to 644.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent in the ADX-MCF prospect vicinity. Furthermore, the Giant Welchau prospect is only 18km from a pipeline.

MCF Energy is now preparing to initiate drilling operations (spud) at its giant Welchau prospect, up-dip from Molln-1, in September 2023. The up-dip location is important in an anticline because it often serves as a trap for oil and gas accumulations. Well permitting is underway and progressing ahead of schedule, with anticipation mounting for the potential yield of the giant Welchau project, with 20% belonging to MCF.

With its strategic location and vast potential, Welchau has the possibility to become a major player in the energy sector, attracting interest and investment worldwide. The prospect’s abundant natural gas resources, combined with the latest exploration techniques and a skilled technical team, make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Indeed, the main draw for the current stakeholders in this Austrian project is the potential returns. For what they consider to be a conservative outlay, they’re hopeful for significant value on their investment as the production rate is attractive and economic in today’s market. Furthermore, the government favors natural gas, surface permits are already there, landowners’ surface access is being negotiated, and ultimately, the team is very excited about this project.

There’s more to come…

MCF has several additional large German targets under application or evaluation. And it’s not confining its exploration activity to Austria and Germany. The company is also employing experts to search for potentially lucrative M&A targets all over Europe.

Drilling is anticipated to start in Austria and Germany later this year.

Sector Backdrop: The European Opportunity

close up of pipes leading away into distance.

The European Union is one of the world’s biggest users of oil and gas. In recent years, the EU has come to rely ever more on imports for energy, with much coming from Russia. This stopped after Russia invaded Ukraine, causing Europe to increase its imports from Norway, the United States and Qatar, which cost far more to import.

This approach is not just costly, it generates higher carbon emissions compared to the domestic supply that could be provided by MCF Energy’s projects in Austria and Germany once they become operational.

By reducing the amount of oil and gas it imports, the EU can save money, lessen its carbon footprint, and increase domestic security.

As we look ahead through 2023 and beyond, the global upstream oil and gas industry finds itself in a unique position. After years of underinvestment, demand recovery, and geopolitical developments, the sector generated record-breaking free cash flows in 2022.

Private exploration and production companies drive growth, while US-headquartered majors prioritize shareholder payouts and production growth, and European-headquartered majors balance energy security and transition. MCF Energy aims to do both.

close up of pipes leading away into distance.

Investment Case

MCF Energy Ltd. (TSXV: MCF) (OTCQX: MCFNF) (FRA: DC6) presents a compelling investment opportunity as it leverages its first-mover advantage and seeks to secure Europe’s gas supplies in a dependable domestic jurisdiction.

The company’s goal is to become a leading energy provider in Europe, driving economic growth and promoting a more sustainable energy future for generations to come.

This unique opportunity to invest in a high-demand market is emerging since energy security has become a top priority in the region. As such, the business is potentially well-placed to capitalize on the identified gap in the market.

There are no guarantees, but investor catalysts could include growth potential, market demand, diversification, reputational benefits, government incentives, and ESG investing, which could positively impact the company’s valuation, share price and overall attractiveness to investors.

Canada-based MCF Energy is financed by experienced and determined industry players who align their interests with shareholders. They want to see the business grow and thrive in the region with a focus on big, bold collaborations that benefit everyone involved. The company is already engaged in M&A activity and will not shy away if more compelling opportunities present themselves.

Indeed, it’s also worth noting that interest has been so high in MCF Energy that recent financing was boosted from C$8m to C$12m, bringing the total capital raised in 2023 to C$20m.

What truly distinguishes this company is its unique combination of expertise and powerful financial backing.

With two projects offering massive potential already under its belt and the possibility of more to come, this small-cap company looks well-placed to benefit from the increasingly feverish demand for natural gas on the continent. That’s why MCF Energy's management is confident in achieving serious impact and serious growth.

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