Black Friday With African Potash

By Patricia Miller


This morning I caught up with Chris Cleverly CEO of African Potash, after a dreadful response to Friday’s RNS we talk about:

  • The delay or breakdown in its deal of 20MT of fertilizer in Zambia

  • The most recent deal which represents 50MT with a major partner

  • The meeting of Uganda’s president as African Potash broadens their horizons

  • Explaining the lack of risk whilst retaining significant interest and strong relations, ” selling fertilizer is like selling food ” (Chris Cleverly)

After speaking to Chris regarding the risk / liabilities held from it’s deals, it becomes apparent (if you believe the story) that the risk is extremely limited whilst the potential is firmly discounted to nothing more than its held potash assets Lac Dinga which books at £6m. Assuming Mr Cleverly can deliver a meaningful deal (which he appears confident of) then the price drought may well end. Having said that the confidence in the market is extremely weak after Friday’s update and whilst deal flow is paramount to success the company clearly has to convey it’s message with actions rather than words.


Author: Patricia Miller

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