Audio interview between Doc Holiday and Brian McMaster, CEO of Harvest Minerals HMI

By Richard Mason


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Following last week’s written Q&A with Brian McMaster, CEO of Harvest Minerals (LSE:HMI), Doc caught up with him yesterday in a recorded interview to discuss more about the company’s recent expansion.

In the interview McMaster describes:

  • How well positioned Harvest Minerals is to sell its fertiliser, irrespective of whether it receives certification.

  • The closeness of the relationship between the company and the Brazilian authorities.

  • The sale of the company’s first batch of fertiliser to test the model.

  • The company’s expectations of using working capital to ramp up production in a bid to achieve its goal of generating $15million a year in sales.

  • How the company has no plans to raise more money, despite having recently appointed Shard Capital as a joint broker. McMaster acknowledges the support of the company’s largest shareholder, who has been to the site and is enthusiastic about its prospects.




The author of this piece owns shares in the company mentioned.


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