Doc Holiday interviews Challenger Acquisitions CEO Mark Gustafson on his positive outlook for 2018

By Patricia Miller


Challenger Acquisitions (LSE:CHAL) has had a year that can only be described as an annus horribilis. However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as a court decision sees the New York Wheel project developer commit to completing this huge one of a kind attraction. Doc Holiday catches up with Challenger CEO Mark Gustafson who explains why his company could well have turned the corner.

Challenger has seen its share price collapse as its dispute with its former (now bankrupt contracted) hacked at the company’s valuation. Despite this, Challenger has made a number of moves to clean its business up while stemming its losses narrowly avoiding a crash.

In the interview Gustafson was keen to point out, “speculators had suggested Challenger would fold leaving punters out of pocket which couldn’t be further from the truth we have a tiny burn rate with cash in the bank”.’

Tune in below to hear Doc speak with Gustafson where they discuss the recent news concerning Challenger’s New York Wheel Project before addressing the company’s outlook and its potential to land further material deals.


Author: Patricia Miller

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