Havn Life Laying the Groundwork for this Industry's Projected $11 Billion Comeback Story

By Jason Eckerman


Havn Life are poised to take the psychedelic medicine market by storm.

Capturing Media’s Attention


This fast-growing market first began in the 1960s, but it’s been completely forgotten about until just recently.

Today, it’s popping up on headlines across nearly all the major news outlets.

That’s because this unique treatment is aiming to fix a $16 trillion problem that has largely hit a dead end with Big Pharma’s standard solutions.

And for companies like HAVN Life, this rebirth could provide the opportunity of a lifetime.

New York Times is saying, “Psilocybin [and other psychedelics] are poised to be the hottest new therapeutics since Prozac.”

NPR is calling it a “resurgence of psychedelic psychiatry.”

And Shark Tank star and investing icon, Kevin O’Leary, is now saying, “The potential of psychedelics far exceeds the potential for cannabis.”

Recent research is showing that psilocybin is demonstrating remarkable results for a whole host of concerns.

And while recreational use of psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, is still illegal in most places, the tide even seems to be changing in this area.

Over the last several years, it’s become decriminalized in Oregon, Washington D.C., Denver, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Ann Arbor, just for starters.

But despite acceptance of these ancient chemicals becoming more mainstream by the day…

The biggest opportunity is coming from the medical applications of psilocybin and other psychedelics.

That’s why major medical institutions around the world have been researching the effects of psilocybin over the past several years.

In fact, many of them even have their own dedicated research centers.

These world-class institutions include the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the University of Toronto, Imperial College, and King’s College, to name just a few.

And now, one up-and-coming biotech company, HAVN Life, is positioning itself to play a major role in this medical revolution.

HAVN Life is aiming to become a leading provider for researchers from leading institutions like the ones mentioned above.

And with recent news coming from their camp, they’ve announced that they’ve just made a massive breakthrough in testing which could send shockwaves through the industry.

This resurgence of psilocybin could lead to a major sea change for the medical industry.

And it could have massive implications for the treatment of the millions suffering from mental health issues today.

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The Cornerstone of this Growing Movement

HAVN Life holds a particularly important place in the markets in part because of how their competitors are dropping the ball.

At the moment, there are currently several hundred studies being done around the world using psychedelics.

And the vast majority of them are being conducted using synthetic psilocybin.

But many patients aren’t keen on taking another lab-made compound after previous medications left them with poor results and side effects they couldn’t tolerate.

Plus, these only comprise of the psilocybin molecule and miss many of the other naturally occurring compounds included in the psilocybin mushroom.

But HAVN Life is now building a library of naturally derived mushroom extracts to support these researchers and formulators.

And the company holds one major benefit over the researchers and pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials.

Rather than waiting for 3 or more years to complete trials, then waiting on pins and needles for FDA approval before ever getting close to seeing revenue come through their doors…

HAVN Life will be able to drive revenue immediately after providing their psilocybin extracts to these clinical studies and researchers.

That puts them in an extremely favorable position as they could become a key provider for this fast-growing medical revolution.

And with HAVN Life crossing more and more government approvals off their to-do list, they’re quickly approaching the point of being able to bring in significant revenue.

Major Developments Announced


The list of accolades already growing behind this young company has given investors plenty of confidence in being able to live up to their staggering potential.

First, HAVN Life was one of the first companies to be granted a Section 56 exemption from Health Canada.

That exemption allows the company to work with psilocybin in a lab and start building protocols for their GMP built production facility.

Then they received their first Health Canada research exemption in 2020, allowing them to conduct research and develop psychedelic compounds.

And with these major bureaucratic hurdles behind them, they’re inching closer to being fully operational by the end of the year.

Finally, they’ve already established a huge partnership with a Canadian veterans’ organization for a Phase 1 pre-clinical research trial.

With post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) being a major concern for both veterans and civilians alike…

This trial could have significant implications for those struggling after experiencing trauma.

But perhaps their most important announcement yet came just weeks ago.

That’s when HAVN Life announced they’ve made a breakthrough in rapid testing of their products.

Their new development would allow them to test the potency of their psilocybin compounds in as little as 5 minutes.

This is a game-changer because it helps standardize the process and gives HAVN Life the ability to provide researchers with reliable dosing of their naturally-derived psilocybin compounds.

That’s a process which is extremely difficult to pull off.

And that’s why most companies have chosen to use synthetic psilocybin over naturally-derived compounds.

But with HAVN Life’s new rapid testing, this would offer researchers the benefits of the hundred or more other compounds in the psilocybin mushroom… without the downside of having unpredictable dosing.

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It’s a major breakthrough that must not be overlooked as this industry is moving further into the mainstream every day.

While they’ve been hard at work breaking this development, HAVN Life has also been busy pushing toward new milestones on the other side of their business.

Racing into this $34 Billion Market

With the functional food market being projected to reach $34 billion over the next few years…

HAVN Life has spotted another massive opportunity to use their 100+ years of combined packaged goods experience.

And it ties in perfectly with their greater mission of promoting brain health and human potential with naturally-derived extracts.

That’s why they’ve created their line of 7 new natural health products, which are set to launch before the end of this quarter, which is now just weeks away.

These products fall under completely different sets of regulations than their lab compounds, landing more in line with easy-to-find supplements like melatonin, chondroitin, and St. John’s Wort.

So after building out their manufacturing facility for these new products, they’ll soon be set to sell straight to consumers either straight from the stores or from their new e-commerce store online.

They’ve already announced a major distribution deal for their products to be sold on the shelves in Nesters Market stores across the Vancouver area.

This agreement with Nesters Market could give HAVN Life a massive foot-in-the door with their Nesters’ parent company, the Pattison Group, as well.

If they’re able to leverage this relationship, it could help land their product on the shelves of one of the largest retailers in Canada.

Since mushrooms are the second-highest growing natural health supplement on the markets, HAVN Life will have a unique advantage given their experience in the labs.

And just like with their psilocybin compounds, they plan to produce concentrated mushroom extracts to be used in their new line of products as well.

These products could offer a whole host of benefits, including supporting memory, focus, energy, and overall brain functioning – helping people achieve peak performance in their daily lives.

And with these products being packaged as extracts, they’re expected to deliver nearly 10x the potency of standard raw mushroom products on the markets today.

Many are eagerly awaiting the release of these products given HAVN Life’s years of combined experience in consumer products.

But we won’t have to wait long as these are expected to come to market just weeks from now.

This could help drive significant revenue in the short-term while HAVN Life continues their massive push to become a top producer in the growing psilocybin industry.

They’ve already made a name for themselves as one of the few companies to be added to the first psychedelics ETF from Harvest.

That makes them 1 of only 16 biotech companies in the ETF, putting them alongside multi-billion dollar companies like Johnson & Johnson and Abbvie, who are also delving into the world of psychedelics.

But with shares trading for less than $1 at this point, this provides an incredible opportunity for investors to back a major player in the industry that the mainstream media is raving about.

And with significant catalysts expected to be coming just around the corner, now is the time to keep an eye on Havn Life as this fast-moving industry takes off.



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Author: Jason Eckerman

This article does not provide any financial advice and is not a recommendation to deal in any securities or product. Investments may fall in value and an investor may lose some or all of their investment. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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