Smart acquisitions could see this tech investor dominate the blockchain space for years to come

By Mark Sheridan


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Codebase Ventures survived the first crypto crash, and has made strategic investments ever since in blockchain.

Codebase Ventures is launching into the crypto space at EXACTLY the correct time


There’s no doubt the cryptocurrency space is on fire.

Consider, for example, the fact that the total value of digital coins recently surpassed $2 trillion.

The market has already seen one significant rise and fall back in 2018, when the price of Bitcoin and several other ‘alt coins’ boomed to new highs before crashing back down.

During that time, numerous companies piled into the space only to soon disappear without a trace.

However, much like how Google and Amazon were essentially born in the bubble of the Dotcom crash, one company that witnessed the first crypto wave has continued to watch the space very closely.

Not only did this firm survive the first crypto crash, but, ever since, it’s been making some very strategic investments in the fundamental technology that underpins cryptocurrencies, readying itself for the next crypto boom.

The technology in question, by the way, is blockchain.

And the company in question is Codebase Ventures.

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As we write, Codebase is an under-the-radar technology investment company based out of Vancouver.

But, right now, it is preparing to step out of the shadows to reveal the exciting ventures it’s been working on these past few years.

In turn, you’ll see exactly how its super-smart acquisitions could help it become a major player as cryptocurrencies—and the blockchain technology behind them—move into the mainstream.

For investors looking to expose their portfolios to the booming crypto market without taking onboard the risks of the still unregulated space…

Codebase presents a very attractive option.

From fundamental bit mining to the latest tech advances, Codebase is making clever moves

There are three investments Codebase has made that are worth paying particular attention to.

Indeed, it’s these smart acquisitions that will most likely result in a serious revaluing of the company’s current market cap.

The first of these key deals is in what’s known as ‘bit mining’, an important part of the cryptocurrency puzzle.

For those not too familiar with the language of cryptocurrencies, if investing in Bitcoin is like investing in gold, investing in bit mining is like investing in a gold miner.

And, in January this year, Codebase signed a $2.5 million definitive agreement to acquire infrastructure based in the US that will enable it to mine cryptocurrencies that generate long-term revenue.

In fact, the infrastructure it has invested in has the capacity to process 9,450 terahashes per second. In layman’s terms, that’s enough processing power to enable a significant amount of cryptocurrency mining.

Establishing the capacity to mine cryptocurrencies is a sound move, but, as we say, it’s only one part of Codebase’s strategy.

It has also recently invested in the fast-growing NFT space.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens.

It’s more new terminology, but an NFT really just represents a unique digital item.

So, it might be a video, a piece of art, or a piece of music that you can access online.

But because of the way these digital items are stored on the blockchain…

They are utterly unique and—in theory—could become as investible as a traditional piece of original art is now.

Essentially, NFTs are another part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain story that could become huge in the coming months and years, and Codebase’s acquisition of a 50% stake in London-based NFT firm InstaCoin is another smart strategic move.

But perhaps the most exciting move Codebase has made in the past few years is its involvement with blockchain system creator Arcology. (Codebase currently owns 30% of Arcology, with an option to increase its position to 51%).

A blockchain system that could rival Ethereum


Many investors find that getting their heads around the cryptocurrency and blockchain space tough.

After all, so much of it is unknown.

Indeed, we’ve already talked about bit mining and NFTs, which are such vast areas in themselves, and you could easily get confused trying to understand those things alone.

But the key thing to remember about all of these new phrases, and about cryptocurrencies themselves, is that it really all comes down to the underlying technology.


Without covering all of the technical detail, when we talk about blockchain technology, we’re really just talking about data being stored in a decentralized way.

At the moment, most data—such as bank details, hospital records, property information—is stored in a centralized way. In other words, it’s stored in one place and is therefore easy to hack and change.

Blockchains, on the other hand, record data in a chain hosted in many different places that can be accessed widely. It means it’s much more difficult—almost impossible, in fact—to hack or change the record without everyone else knowing.

And as well as being more secure, decentralized systems are also much more efficient than centralized ones, and are also more traceable and completely transparent.

In time, it’s a pretty good bet that all information will be slowly but surely moved over to blockchains. That may seem like a bold claim now, but it is just a matter of time before decentralization becomes the norm.

Currently, the largest blockchain is Ethereum. But, as you would expect with any new technology, there are still teething problems.

The main one here – and it’s a big issue – is that Ethereum processes data too slowly.

This is why Codebase’s 30% stake in Arcology (with the option to increase to 51%) is so exciting.

You see, Arcology is a blockchain system like Ethereum, but it can process data much faster.

Ethereum currently processes about 20 transactions per second. This is a major problem when it comes to matching something like the traditional VISA system in banking, which can process tens of thousands of transactions per second.

The good news is, Arcology can process over 30,000 transactions per second –thousands of times the rate of rivals.

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This allows it to accommodate all the applications and businesses with requirements simply too demanding for Ethereum – it opens up the full potential of blockchain.

Not only that, but because it can process so many transactions, it can afford to charge users a much lower price per transaction.

And that’s not even to mention the fact that users can move applications seamlessly from Ethereum to Arcology, making it easy for them to use the superior product.

Arcology’s technology is currently going through final testing (though it has passed the first two stages with flying colors), but when it is ready to go live…

It could be a total game-changer.

So, when you stand back and survey the scene, you soon realise that Codebase’s hand is a very strong one.

It has got the bit mining capacity to help generate long-term revenue from cryptocurrencies themselves…

It has got a share in the future of the space with its interest in InstaCoin and the potentially huge new NFT space…

And it has got an ace in the hole when it comes to the provision of the fundamental blockchain technology that underpins the whole industry through Arcology.

An exciting investment in the future through tried and tested traditional means

As well as having a strong hand when it comes to the technology of the future, Codebase has also got a strong hand in more traditional terms too.

In fact, having recently raised $2 million in January of this year, the company is fully-funded going into the next stage of its strategic rollout.

Not only is this great news for interested investors, but right now, with cryptocurrencies booming and major institutions investigating how to integrate into blockchain systems, there couldn’t be a better time to get in.

There is clearly a strong tailwind here.

And for smart investors looking for a more traditional way to take advantage of the exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain space…

Codebase presents the perfect opportunity.



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Author: Mark Sheridan

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