The Canadian Company Towering Over Big Tech in This Booming Tech Market

By Jason Eckerman


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The Future of Delivery is Here

It may sound like futuristic tech that’s still years away from becoming a reality…

But drone deliveries are here, and one company already has hundreds of flights under their belt.

Over the next several years, drone deliveries are expected to disrupt major industries across the markets.

From healthcare to oil and gas to retail to mining…

It’s expected to lead to changes we couldn’t even imagine just a few short years ago.

Which is why some of the biggest names in technology are throwing their hats in the ring.

Companies like trillion dollar giants, Amazon and Google, for example.

But they’re not the only well-known names involved.

Companies like UPS, FedEx, and even Walmart are investing heavily in this space, with plans to transform the way they deliver in the future.

Today, it’s estimated to be a $10 billion industry, but it’s getting bigger by the day.

By 2027, the industry is expected to reach a whopping $29 billion.

That’s why Forbes is reporting “The time for delivery drones to rise up is now.”

But while companies like Amazon, Google, and Walmart are getting all the attention in the media…

There’s one small company, Drone Delivery Canada, that’s miles ahead of them – already making hundreds of deliveries per month throughout this year.

They signed a major deal last year to partner with Air Canada, the largest airline in the country.

With this agreement, Air Canada is helping to sell and market their services globally, using their giant network of contacts, to drive new business.

This could potentially help them bring in significant revenue over time, and it’s already helped them lock down a number of deals with major players.

But it’s not just Air Canada…

Drone Delivery Canada has signed revenue-generating agreements with numerous commercial & Indigenous partners and has a strong and collaborative relationship with Transport Canada, the Canadian government’s transportation department.

That’s just part of the reason why major players like Fidelity are taking notice, pouring in significant capital in their funds to grab up shares in the company’s stock.

But things are just heating up for Drone Delivery Canada.


Miles Ahead of Big Tech


They were already starting to gain traction over the last year, but the global pandemic has forced a favorable inflection point in this multi-billion dollar market.

Before the pandemic, Drone Delivery Canada’s service was already serving two major use cases.

First, it is perfectly positioned to deliver essential items to the 1,000’s of remote communities throughout Canada.

That means providing important items like medicine, mail, ecommerce, groceries, urgent repair parts, and much, much more.

Plus, their service delivered items that people needed in time-critical scenarios.

This sort of service would help some companies to be more competitive by delivering their products quickly…

And it could literally save lives in emergency situations, as drones could be deployed to drop off defibrillators or medicine or emergency aid when lives are on the line.

But now with the global pandemic, there’s become another essential need that fits perfectly into Drone Delivery Canada’s wheelhouse.

Limiting person-to-person contact through what the industry calls “non-contact deliveries”.

With the world in varying states of shutdown throughout the year, we still need packages, mail, and other essential items delivered.

But many are much more reluctant to receive those deliveries face-to-face, in fears of passing germs.

Thanks to Drone Delivery Canada though, they’ve been able to make deliveries via drone without any face-to-face contact.

That means they can now send medical drone deliveries with rapid testing or medicine…

And it can be delivered to facilities without having to worry about face coverings or social distancing.

While demand is up for drone deliveries, no other company can offer the breadth of service Drone Delivery Canada can provide

They’re already miles ahead of the big tech companies, as they’ve received regulatory approval and started making deliveries earlier this year.

Plus, Drone Delivery Canada has 2 patents approved for their proprietary platforms, with 5 pending and more on the way.

And after signing a contract with DSV Air and Sea, the Canadian arm of the global transport titan, they’ve now flown hundreds of flights on DSV’s first route…

Which is bringing in real revenue, while their competitors are still straightening out their pilot projects and paperwork.

Now, they just added a second route with DSV over the summer, driving even more revenue, with flights currently operating.

One of the biggest hurdles companies face in the drone delivery space is getting approval from governments to operate in the air.

Because it’s such a challenge to get through all the bureaucratic red tape, it’s limited much of the competition in this booming market.

But Drone Delivery Canada already has one of their drone models approved by the Canadian government (via the regulator Transport Canada).

And two more are currently under testing, with results expected to be coming soon in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Their smallest model, the Sparrow, can carry 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) of cargo up to 30 km.

That could include letters, packages, medical tests, medicines, emergency kits, or any other number of items. And it’s electric, so it’s great for the environment.

But they’re currently testing even bigger models.

For example, their Robin XL is expected to deliver payloads of up to 11.3 kg (25 lbs.) anywhere within a 60 km radius…

And their largest yet, the Condor, is planned to carry an incredible 180 kg (400 lbs.) of weight up to 200km.

Which will come in extremely handy when heavier cargo for mines and oil & gas or pandemic support like respirators, ventilators, or PPE is needed in healthcare.

But with results of testing for the Robin XL and the Condor expected within the next couple of months…

Drone Delivery Canada has made it clear they’ve planned to move beyond just operating in Canada.

And they’re already taking major steps to become a global name.


Becoming A Global Leader


While many are now hopping on the drone delivery bandwagon, Drone Delivery Canada saw this trend coming from a mile away…

Which is why they started preparing for this moment years ago.

They signed an agreement with Air Canada all the way back in 2019.

Over time, this could allow them to cover up to 150,000 routes in Canada.

And with the industry estimating revenue likely to average $10,000 per route each month, that could add up quickly…

This could mean an incredible revenue boost for Drone Delivery Canada in the years to come, even if only a small portion of those 150,000 routes come to pass.

They could expand far beyond that though, as this Air Canada agreement would also open the door to operating in the United States, across Europe, and internationally.

While competitors have marketed drone delivery as just dropping packages on your doorstep after buying online…

The business opportunities for this platform are endless, which is exactly what Drone Delivery Canada is counting on.

This could revolutionize countless industries, from healthcare to mining to ecommerce services.

This technology could disrupt all these industries and many more in the coming months and years.

But the changes could be happening sooner than we even expected.

Because Drone Delivery Canada is already in advanced discussions with over 50 more customers.

Customers that include retailers, couriers, hospital groups, and cargo networks in Canada and across the globe.

Which is one of the reasons why they’re now speeding up the certification of their new Robin XL, expected to come in the next couple of months.

And because the pandemic also continues to affect millions worldwide…

The number of requests for their larger model, the Condor, has soared as well.

And Drone Delivery Canada is rushing to speed up certification of this new model along with it.

They’ve already started the process of moving into the United States market as of this summer, and they’re expanding quickly.

Now they’re also looking at potential opportunities in Israel, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and across Europe.

Plus, they recently signed a letter of intent in Kenya and India with a partner to identify opportunities to use their revolutionary tech platform there as well.

As Drone Delivery Canada eyes these countless opportunities around the world, analysts have been taking notice.

In the coming months, Drone Delivery Canada plans to continue its quest to expand worldwide.

And with many of the top names in business still scrambling just to put their paperwork together for pilot projects and get through the red tape…

Drone Delivery Canada could soon leave Big Tech in the dust and become the worldwide name in drone delivery.




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Author: Jason Eckerman

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