The Solution To Our Modern Mental Health Crisis Could Lie Hidden In The Psychedelics Of The 1960s...

By Mark Sheridan



MINDCURE – Leading The Race For Blockbuster Patents In A Revolutionary New Healthcare Market

Soon after they were first used as therapeutics in the 1960s, psychedelics were effectively banned in the early 1970s.

The reason was largely down to them being abused and misused by the counterculture at the time.

But there is, in fact, a lot of evidence that substances such as psilocybin, LSD and ketamine work in helping to treat various mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, pain, and schizophrenia.

Sadly, because of the prohibition, scientists at the time were unable to continue their revolutionary research into these hallucinogenic compounds.

But now that’s changing.

And, thanks to a undervalued Canadian company called MINDCURE, this change could provide you with a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

You see, there is no doubt we are facing a mental health crisis right now.

This is why—despite the fact they’ve been ignored for so long—scientists are again looking at the potential of psychedelics to help tackle the problem.

In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) has already granted ‘breakthrough therapy’ status to psychedelic research on two occasions.

Not to mention the fact that Johns Hopkins has already opened a center dedicated entirely to psychedelic medicines, for which it received over $17 million in donations.

Make no mistake…

The psychedelics market is set to boom.

To put a figure on it: according to Data Bridge Market Research, the market is expected to grow 16.3% annually and be worth a staggering $6.85 billion by 2027.

You can see why smart investors—including the legendary Peter Thiel—are scrambling to stake a claim.

However, when it comes to finding the right companies to back in this space…

There is a catch.

You see, classic psychedelics—such as psilocybin, LSD and ketamine—cannot be patented.

This is a problem because, on a commercial level, it prevents companies from using their research to develop market-dominating products that only they can profit from.

To do that, a company needs intellectual property it can patent: it needs to combine a classic psychedelic with some other substance or it needs to formulate its own compounds – known as new molecular entities (“NMEs”).

And so, the race is now on to create psychedelic combination therapies and NMEs that not only work, but can be patented too.

Here’s where MINDCURE comes in.

Using a unique, Big Data platform that it has recently developed, it might have just put itself in pole position.

How Technology Is Giving MINDCURE The Edge

In short, MINDCURE has created what’s known as a proprietary ‘bioinformatics platform’.

Sounds strange, but in simple terms it is a program that can aggregate massive amounts of data on psychedelic research.

And it can do it fast.

The platform is called PsyCollage and, crucially, because it’s proprietary… 

No one else has access.

It means that, while other companies are still sifting through the countless research that’s been done into psychedelics, MINDCURE can zoom in on what actually works and move on to developing patentable combination therapies and NMEs.

It’s thanks to PsyCollage that MINDCURE has already got such a huge head start.

You see, while the Big Data platform could be very valuable to a Big Pharma player willing to spend big bucks on speeding up drug development in the future…

For the time being, MINDCURE is using PsyCollage solely to accelerate its own movement into the lab.

In fact, it’s already launching research programs based around three psychedelics: psilocybin, ketamine and ibogaine.

Of course, to carry out these research programmes and develop new therapeutic combinations that can eventually be taken to market, you need some serious expert know-how as well.

Good news is:

MINDCURE also has this in spades.


Best-In-Class Team Ready To Lead The Way


As president and CEO of MINDCURE, Kelsey Ramsden has assembled a team of renowned scientific leaders and regulation specialists.

Ramsden herself has been twice-named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, having built multiple eight-figure businesses from the ground up.

Now, there seems to be little to stop her doing it again with MINDCURE.

To help, she’s joined by Chief Science Officer, Dr Ryan Hartwell, who, as well as already having four patents published himself and co-inventing FS2 and AI-001 cell therapy, has his own strong record of start-up success…

Meanwhile, there’s Chief Technology Officer, Geoff Belair, who has over 30 years’ experience in the Fintech industry…

And then there is Primary Investigator, Dr Dan Engle, MD, and Advisor Hamilton Morris. Dr Engle is world-renowned for his research into psychiatry and Morris is a chemist and filmmaker who has been labelled the “Anthony Bourdain of psychedelics.”

With Ramsden at the helm and a team of ‘best-in-class’ scientists and researchers and advisors on board, all signs point to MINDCURE becoming a major player in the psychedelic therapeutics space.

Yet, right now, the company is only valued at around C$33 million.

Just how undervalued is it?

Well, look at Peter Thiel-backed ATAI Life Sciences, a biotech firm operating in the same psychedelic space, which is expected to go public later this year with an anticipated valuation of between $1 and $2 billion.

Or look at Compass Pathways, a psychedelic company that went public in September of last year…

It listed with a $544 million valuation, which itself led to the price of other listed psychedelic companies soaring too.

As you can see, this market is taking off in a big way and right now, MINDCURE looks to be lining up on the runway.

Indeed, consider this…

Even More Reasons Why Mind Cure Is Set To Dominate

Based on the fact that other psychedelic companies such as ATAI Life Sciences and Compass Pathways are fetching such huge valuations, MINDCURE looks good.

But consider too that the company’s current valuation barely covers the cash it has on its balance sheet right now.

On top of this…

There’s the fact that the company already has a range of nootropic products (both natural and synthetical, derived from mushroom powders) that it is selling to generate additional revenue in the short term…

There’s the fact it has also been included in the first-ever Psychedelics ETF, which recently launched. If there were still any doubt, its inclusion here marks it out as a quality stock.

And, perhaps most importantly, MINDCURE has also developed a second proprietary Big Data platform called iSTRYM™ designed to revolutionize how psychedelic-assisted therapy is carried out.

iSTRYM™ is a centralized management system for therapeutic insights that can be used by therapists, patients, and researchers.

The platform has an app component, which allows patients to record real-time data like weather, their location, their mood, their heart rate and many other metrics.

It also brings together the large database of protocols, data, and procedures created from psychedelic research around the world to date.

AI and strategic data loops are then used to aggregate this information and continually generate new – and potentially extremely useful – insights based on the largest collection of psychedelic research and ongoing patient mental optimization data in the world.

Put simply, iSTRYM™ fills in the data collection gaps that currently exist in the psychedelic-assisted therapy process, which is currently limited largely to periodic patient therapy sessions.

In doing so, it helps everyone involved…

  • Therapists are armed with the tools they need to provide highly personalized care with deeper insights and long-tail support.

  • Patients are given the power to be informed and autonomous participants in their own mental wellness journey.

  • Psychedelic researchers are given a tool to deliver results faster with cleaner data and deeper, richer insights.

It also benefits MINDCURE itself.

Not only does iSTRYM™ offer the firm a unique and fast route to revenue in a psychedelic sector where the wide scale rollout of products is likely to be several years down the line…

But the information and insights it generates can be used by the firm to advance its research programmes with the goal of producing commercially-valuable psychedelic products.

The bottom line is clear.

Thanks to ground-breaking technologies—such as PsyCollage and iSTRYM™—and a world-class team to put such exciting platforms to good use, not to mention the sound fundamentals that underpin the business…

MINDCURE presents investors looking to stake a ground-floor claim in the psychedelics market with a well-rounded opportunity that has the potential for exponential growth.

But, with such an obviously low valuation, the time to start researching is now. 




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Author: Mark Sheridan

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