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By Patricia Miller


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Codebase Ventures are making enormous profits for investors by backing the future of blockchain.

Codebase Ventures – The fully-diversified firm at the vanguard of the monumental blockchain boom


It’s an extremely exciting time for blockchain.

The ground-breaking technology is already powering some of the most widely discussed and valuable markets in the world.

There’s obviously Bitcoin, which looks set to remain the world’s most popular cryptocurrency long into the future as more nations post plans to make it legal tender

And now, there are also non-fungible tokens—blockchain-authenticated digital images, video clips, or artworks regularly fetching tens of millions at auction.

But the real opportunity here lies in the fact that blockchain’s true potential scale is only just becoming clear.

You see, the list of areas being revolutionized by its defining decentralized record-keeping technology is growing with every passing day.

From medical data sharing to musical royalty tracking…

From cross-border payments to anti-money laundering tracking systems…

And from personal identity security to real-time Internet of Things operating systems…

It is apparent that Blockchain will soon become an omnipresent and utterly essential part of our lives.

As a result, ground floor exposure to what is now being labeled as a key driver of “the fourth industrial revolution” stands to be tremendously valuable.

And thanks to its expert team, strategic positioning, and strong balance sheet, this is exactly what Canada’s Codebase Ventures offers its backers.

What’s more, with the firm firing on all cylinders across its entire portfolio.

It’s unlikely to be long until it explodes onto the radar of mainstream investors.

Here, we take a look at the three primary areas poised to drive vast returns for Codebase moving forward…

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Mining the world’s most popular cryptocurrency

Let’s start by looking at Codebase’s exposure to Bitcoin mining.

This kicked off earlier in the year when the company purchased $2.5 million worth of mining infrastructure in the US

For those unfamiliar, “mining” involves solving extremely complex computational math problems with very sophisticated computers. This ultimately creates entirely new Bitcoins, which are added to the global system and become the property of the miner.

Codebase’s infrastructure has the capacity to process 9,450 terahashes per second—a huge amount of mining power poised to give it substantial and direct exposure to Bitcoin.

Given many expect the price of the leading cryptocurrency to soar well into the future, this stands to be an extremely valuable near-term revenue stream.

Indeed, as alluded to before, one country—El Salvador—has already accepted Bitcoin as legal tender, and others are set to follow. Likewise, the price also went up recently after Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla will go back to accepting Bitcoin as paymentwith increased clean energy use.

Meanwhile, on the supply side, miners backed a major new upgrade in bitcoin protocol called Taproot recently, showing a spirit of cooperation critical to long-term progress.

Bottom line is, Bitcoin has come a very long way since its early days, when a man paid 10,000 bitcoins for a single pizza, and its place in the world is set to grow and expand further moving forward.

As it does so, the value of Codebase’s exposure stands to become increasingly significant.

It’s an attractive weapon for any firm to have in its war chest. But, as we mentioned, bitcoin mining is just one area where Codebase is primed to profit from the blockchain boom…

Backing a rising star in the world of NFTs

Codebase’s first foray into the world of non-fungible tokens—or “NFTs”—came in April when it invested £100,000 into InstaCoin, a rising star in the sector.

NFTs might still be a new concept, but there’s a reason you haven’t been able to flick through the financial pages over the last few months without coming across them…

Their commercial potential is enormous.

In simple terms, they are digital images, video clips, or artworks authenticated with blockchain technology.

As a paper certificate of authenticity massively increases the value of an original painting…

NFT verification can turn the millions of digital files produced by content creators worldwide every day into unique, valuable, and non-interchangeable items.

The potential value has already been evidenced.

For example, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey sold his first-ever tweet as an NFT for over $2.9 million. Likewise, a picture created by a renowned digital artist known as ‘Beeple’ verified using NFT technology, fetched a staggering $69 million price tag when sold by auction house Christie’s.

It’s cases like this that helped the NFT sector grow by around 2,100% in Q1 2021 on a quarter-by-quarter basis, with more than $2 billion spent on tokens.

And now, many expect this growth to accelerate even further as more NFT applications emerge over the coming years.

Indeed, some players are looking at introducing them to the fashion world, where they could help consumers to avoid fakes. Others are looking at higher education and the possibility of awarding degree certificates as NFTs for verification by future employers.

And in this same vein, InstaCoin is positioning itself to open up the world of NFTs in another unique way.

You see, instead of focusing on single, multi-million-dollar projects, this firm is targeting millions of lower-cost NFTs.

The first of its kind, its app allows users to connect their social media profiles to the blockchain and create instant NFT tokens from their own content. In turn, their followers and fans can then connect in the open market for immediate sales.

In essence, InstaCoin turns anyone with a smartphone camera into a digital artist, and uses the NFT framework to share in their profits.

As the concept takes off, Codebase’s 50% stake in the firm could become enormously valuable.

However, the biggest opportunity in the firm’s portfolio still stands to be its third—blockchain technology itself…

Taking blockchain to the next level with Arcology


Codebase owns a 30% stake (with an option to increase to 51%) in private start-up Arcology, which has developed its own blockchain system with the power to make big changes.

So, how does it work?

Well, at its core, blockchain is a record of transactions. However, instead of being stored on one centralized, hackable system, they are recorded and stored across a whole network to form what is known as a “distributed ledger”.

Importantly, this ledger can be encrypted, making it secure. And this has huge implications when it comes to the security of people’s data.

Indeed, when using an encrypted blockchain ledger, it is possible to check records against each other to detect fraud and it is almost impossible for hackers to read those records.

Think of the Equifax scandal, a data breach that resulted in an up-to-$700 million settlement for the credit reporting company in question.

Blockchain has the power to stop something like that from ever happening again.

Problem is, current blockchain systems have serious capacity limitations.

Take Ethereum, for example. Despite currently the most widely-used blockchain system, it can only process around 20 transactions in a second at present.

This is a clear obstacle that must be overcome before blockchain can truly go mainstream and be adopted into industries such as banking, health, and retail. Just consider that tens of thousands of transactions per second are currently possible with Visa, for example.

This is where Arcology comes in.

The firm has developed a blockchain system that can not only cope with more than 30,000 transactions a second, but it is also secure, completely decentralized, and scalable.

In fact, there is no theoretical limit on the number of single transactions one of Arcology’s ‘node clusters’ can process. The number of potential transactions a second simply goes up when more machines are added.

This allows it to accommodate all of the applications and businesses with requirements simply too demanding for Ethereum.

In other words, it opens up blockchain’s full potential.

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What’s more, because it can handle so many transactions at once, Arcology can charge a much lower price per transaction.

Plus, it is possible to move applications to Arcology from Ethereum seamlessly, with no need for developers to make changes when switching from one to the other.

This is a great way for Arcology to capture its own slice of the market share without pressure to supplant Ethereum. Instead, it can enjoy a nice chunk of its huge market share while also opening the door to blockchain for entirely new industries and applications.

The latest big development for Arcology has been a new showcase for an optimized version of DSToken for the faster and more efficient running of apps.

Some of the most popular Etherium-based applications use DSToken, so this latest development is an excellent way to show developers the benefits of moving their apps to Arcology.

All-in-all, Arcology founder Laurent Zhang summed up the massive long-term value his technology could create perfectly when he said…


A key part of the crypto journey

Right now, the cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain markets are firing on all cylinders, and Codebase is in the perfect position to hold on tight and take off with all of them.

These technologies are becoming more mainstream by the day, engaging stakeholders all the way from the banking sector to the independent art community.

There is an almost infinite number of possibilities, which makes Codebase’s commitment to so much of the crypto sector so enticing.

As the potential of blockchain and its associated applications continues to reveal itself, Codebase could very quickly become the go-to stock for investors looking for diversified exposure.

As such, smart investors may want to get in here ahead of the crowd.



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