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By Richard Mason

3rd December 2015

This week has seen a notable change in the direction that the junior markets have been going in, we have seen a number of junior companies or early stage businesses come into their own over the last seven days. This week I spoke with Justin Waite of Sharepickers about a number of companies #IRG #NEW #PRS #AERO #BAE #AFPO #ADSS and much more, so will chat briefly on new stocks below.

  • SILF Silver Falcon recently came to market under the stewardship of Optiva securities, with a swell in the ocean and wind in its sails the company is rumbling around the city on the starboard course to moving the business ahead.

  • GWIK Glenwick was formerly Treveria but post distributing cash to shareholders the company has re-branded with a new team onboard. Today the company has bolstered its balance sheet with £250,000 to add to the £500,000 (EUR) raised in October. Cameron Pearce (CEB Resources Chairman) has joined the new co, so with a little over a million pound market-cap the scene looks set yet again for punters to speculate.

  • BKY Berkeley Energie goes from strength to strength as the company adds additional positive data as the company looks set to build a mid cap resource company.

  • PANR Pantheon Resources topped a £1 today after chatting about it at the back of summer at 18/19p the company has announced that an extensive well test will be carried out to prove up the ” potentially significant find stateside ”


23rd November 2015

As we bumble along towards the festive season it’s quiet apparent that not only the climate is cooling off. Having said that I believe we are now poised for a return of form from a number of well regarded companies, naturally it’s the hardest thing in the world picking a winning formula although time, dicsipline and good fortune helps.

  • New World Oil  AGM played out as expected with a significant rise to suit, whilst people now try to factor in all the possibilities it is my belief we will see a solid build coming together during the close of 2015 into 2016

  • ECR Minerals booked a heavily discounted fund raise last week which helped old friends into the ” mates rates seat ” at 0.02p. I often hear comments about shareholder value being preserved by the MTR and ECR old guard. Personally I believe it to be horseshit as the terms of this deal stinks. The company has another $300,000 of CLN to convert thus any rise will be saturated by YHA, coupled to that it’s my understanding that other (potentially) more rewarding deals were discussed.

  • Inspirit Energy I had a chat with the gaffer John Gunn last week who assures me the company are not seeking a placement but rather looking at non dilutive ways to carry the company forward, Should the business secure its safety grade cert it waits with some inventive financing then this could quiet easily trade above a penny again. If not then its more pain hammering out the lows.



16th November 2015

Today we hear of a number of companies passing board approval to move it’s business forward, not all will survive the poor markets but those that do will become stronger as the bulls start to stampede again. Playing on aim is tough and certainly not for the faint hearted, however the rewards are colossal thus why we play.

  • IRG are now set to move there business forward, stay focused on Tunisia as well as Egypt.

  • AERO are really making a dent in the recent drop (post funding) 10p retest coming!

  • KUL is not a company I really understand nor like based on association, but big pump potential.

  • SOLG looks really weak currently, my T20 closed out at 2p thankfully a little while ago.

  • NEW AGM is coming, lets get ready to welcome the new guys in.

  • UKOG touched down at 0.85p, I’d say I’m vindicated yet again. First LGO now UKOG


5th November 2015

Ironically I now hear that Dan Levi is gunning for lenigas after the failed #LGC IPO. By the virtue of the pre-IPO subscribers counting their chickens before they hatched, it’s left a bitter taste in the former armed robbers mouth. Sadly I feel that the jackal has become antelope as the hunter became the hunted. Jokes aside it would be far more productive to focus on positive expectancy reather than failure so we leave Sefton on the shelf as we look ahead.

  • Berkerley Energy moved higher after announcing further positive updates from Zona 7. The upside for this company is pretty impressive with the only risk presented coming via funding the development of its assets. When companies like this break out of a range they can often do particularly well if we use Pantheon as its benchmark.

  • Independent Resources has recently formed a joint venture asset in East Ghazalat Egypt, with production of 440bopd. Coleman worked the regions with Amoco & BP, I have it on good account that once they have sorted there funding (announced here) then we shall see a lot more development from East Ghazalat & Ksar Hadada. Time is ticking on buying as close to the placing price. (for avoidance of doubt I’m in) 


27th October 2015

As reported here for a number of weeks/month/s New World Oil has now indicated that Nick Lee & Adam Reynolds are up to be voted onto the board of directors (Recent Rns Here) Nick brings a wealth of experience in cleaning up mess (corporately) whilst Adam holds a solid MedTech track record. I hold a strong position based on some known facts coupled to speculative forward thinking. This is far from perfect but very much on the cusp of welcoming solid change – ” Turn around story playing out here.” 

  • FASTnet: has a decent cash position with a view to vending in new assets, the support at 2.2p looks strong. Whilst they have nearly 3p in cash and some positive expectancy (should they vend in new assets soon) then it looks well priced to offer more upside than down. If they drag their heels then please discount this statement.

  • Red Rock Resources: Valued at £1.4m with exposure to more pliable assets entering their portfolio its only a matter of time before all the exhausted investors find a white knight entry into the story. Buying shares is infectious and when one lot start another shall follow

  • Onzima Ventures: Formerly Ultima Networks has seen all the debt & liabilities cleared away along with a divestment of its former assets. The company is now a listed shell with a decent cash balance, some of you will remember CEB’s move out of the dark and into the spotlight however to caveat that we have PXOG that’s yet to do anything. Should ONZ start to show its hand I would expect the share price to react accordingly.


13th October 2015

It seems the world is literally at war, both in reality and in the wonderfuly cyber world of social media and the stock markets. However its hunting season for the next 4-6 months so rather than bicker with the buffools I concentrate on finding the next early movers in the market.

  • Do not be shocked to see NEW world oil take a change of direction, on doing so we will look to get communications from the new management outlining it’s new direction. Until this happens I sit and wait a little longer.


25th September 2015

After a few brighter weeks in the markets it has become more apparent that my place within social media through the Doc H profile is under attack. I have been banned by twitter 3 times for doing nothing more than tweeting out facts/truth. I shall remain active aslong as I can however take great resolve in my retreat here.


  • SolomanGold – Has perked up after touching down in the 1.6’s (pence) I found there was very little stock available having paid a slight premium to the shareprice at the time. It has been bumbling about 2p for sometime having eroded from 4-5p. SOLG is an easy spot in the blown out aim mining sector and whilst some may hold concerns over funding I follow the ethos that to even considering getting one away ” The markets need waking up ” the last time I bought Soloman Gold it went on a 2.1p – 4.5p run.

  • Kolar Gold – Have been well and truly hammered down at 1-1.5p from 3p with many seeing KGLD worth much more. It has been revealed that a meeting is due to take place out in country which will see the granting of a gold plant which could process upto 35,000oz per year. This will be the significant driver in moving Kolar Gold. ” Should it be granted in a matter of weeks you will see the shareprice move to the upside swiftly.

  • AsiaMet – I interviewed TM only last week and then by pure chance crossed paths with him in the city as we discussed previous success and his outlook for Asiamet. The story is a compelling one and to finish my update on mining stocks today I remind readers that momentum & Sentiment is 8/10ths of aims rule. Mr Manini in his recent interview (In Audios) alludes to there being rafts of news which I see as the catalyst to changing sentiment. 1.45p looks a good starting point.


Note: (After each week or two I will be storing the information but clearing this page so not to clutter or take over the VTM site)


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